EXCLUSIVE: Buy A Moog One & Get 128 Custom Patches Absolutely Free!

10th Mar 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Buy A Moog One & Get 128 Custom Patches Absolutely Free!

Music Matter & GEOSynths have teamed up to give Moog One customers an insane deal: 128 premium custom patches FREE with every purchase!

A premium Analog Synthesizer needs premium custom patches to go with it, that's why we are extremely pleased to announce that we have teamed up with GEOSynths to offer an amazing deal for anyone who buys a Moog One:

Get 128 Premium Custom Patches provided by GEOSynths, exploring movement textures for strings & soundscapes, low band & high pass pads, arpeggios, cutting bass & leads plus much more! All patches have mod wheel, aftertouch & X/Y assignments, giving you full control of the sound as it develops. This isn't just a patch set ... this is the one.

Info & Full list of the Patches: https://www.geosynths.com/moog-one

About GEOSynths:

GEOSynths Sound Design (www.geosynths.com) has been established since 2017 and is Owned and Managed by Jamie Morden. With over 30 Years experience within Audio Production, Live Performance and Sound Design, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience, together with a Professional attitude to complete a Project on time and on Budget.

Sound Design has been the focal point for Jamie, especially in recent years due to the revival of Analogue Synthesizers and the advancements within Digital Synthesis.

Jamie has currently produced Synth Patch Libraries for several Hardware Poly Synths for both Analogue and Digital Synthesizers, however he is keen to further this by creating Synth Libraries for Software Synthesizers as well. Jamie also has recently been providing Real-Time Sound Design Tutorials, showing how to make a variety of Sounds from scratch, which can be found on his Patreon Site.


Advanced sound engine architecture

Available in 8- and 16-voice versions, Moog One can simultaneously articulate eight or 16 voices, depending on the configuration of your instrument. The Moog One polyphonic sound engine is built upon the most advanced architecture ever conceived for a Moog synthesizer. Per voice, Moog One features three state-of-the-art analog voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), two independent analog filters (a Variable State filter and the famous Moog Ladder Filter) that can be run in series or parallel, a dual-source variable analog noise generator, an analog mixer with external audio input, four LFOs, and three envelope generators. You can split or layer the three timbres — each with its own sequencer, arpeggiator, and onboard effects library — across the premium 61-note Fatar keyboard with velocity and aftertouch.

Moog One Polysynth Keys Wood Close Up

Premium onboard effects

Moog One offers a growing library of programmable per-synth and master bus effects, including chorus, delay, phase, bit reduction, vocoding, and a suite of premium Eventide reverbs such as Blackhole, Shimmer, Plate, Room, and Hall. Effects can be applied as Synth Effects and Master Bus Effects. Synth Effects are applied to individual timbral layers, while Master Bus Effects can be accessed via sends from all three synthesizers. Though its onboard effects are digital, the Moog One audio path is completely analog when all the effects are true bypassed.

Moog One Onboard Effects

Plenty of Knobs & Buttons

Clad in a handcrafted ash cabinet, the Moog One aluminum front panel is fitted with 73 knobs and 144 buttons, welcoming hands-on interaction with all the sound-sculpting and performance controls. Extended on-screen functionality is effortlessly accessed via More buttons (one for each module) that serve up additional parameters in the center-panel LCD to deliver the most intuitive and efficient synthesis experience possible. To the engineer, Moog One is a sophisticated technological marvel; to the synthesist, it is an unparalleled facilitator of fluid musical expression that lets you create, sculpt, and transform your sound without constraints.

Moog One Polysynth Knobs

Three polysynths in one

Moog One is not only polyphonic; it's tri-timbral (3-part multitimbral) — that is, capable of playing up to three individual Synths simultaneously — split, layered, or zoned across the keyboard — all from within a single preset. With each Synth capable of accessing its own sound parameters, note range, arpeggiator, and sequencer, you can create rich ensemble performances and deeply layered, evolving soundscapes.

Essentially three independently addressable polysynths in one, the Moog One tri-timbral architecture lets you easily assign, split, layer, and stack voices with up to 48 oscillators in Unison mode. What's more, each synthesizer is furnished with its own full-featured step sequencer, arpeggiator, and effects processor. The Panel Focus module simplifies and streamlines the complexities of multitimbral synthesis. Choosing a Synth for panel focus switches control of the Moog One front panel knobs and buttons to the selected Synth layer. You can also select multiple Synth layers concurrently to simultaneously tweak multiple Synths.

Moog One 3 Polysynths In 1

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