Modal Cobalt Firmware Update V2 is Live!

30th Sep 2022

Modal Cobalt Firmware Update V2 is Live!

COBALT8 delivers a complete electronic music instrument that shifts the boundaries for traditional sound synthesis.

With the new Firmware V2, COBALT8 is set to unleash even more creativity for musicians, producers and sound designers indulging in classic and contemporary synth sounds in their creative process. Various new forward-thinking features and enhancements boost COBALT8’s sound capabilities even further Beyond Analogue.

Classic Synth Behaviour

The brand-new Vintage parameter allows you to alter the organic fabric of COBALT8’s extended virtual-analogue algorithms by emulating the behaviour of vintage synths’ technical imperfections, whereas certain tuning and other variations were introduced into the sound generation.

Oscillator Free Run is another new feature known from traditional analogue synthesisers and adds to the sonic flexibility of COBALT8. All sounds benefit immediately from Oscillator Freerun. ‘Classic’ Synth sounds are so much more alive with the vintage and free run parameters ensuring every key press is slightly different than the one before.

Modal Cobalt Classic Synth Behaviour

Filters Extraordinaire

A whopping 27 new filter types increase the already impressive arsenal for creative sound design with COBALT8 Firmware v2. The list includes 2-Pole State Variable Filters, various Lowpass, Bandpass and Highpass Ladder Filters with drive, combinations of traditional filter types with Notch characteristics, and much more. The new filters unlock even more classic synth tones and expand COBALT8’s experimental capabilities with the more complex filter outputs to create sounds that no one could imagine before. For all new filter types featuring Drive, the Morph control allows for dialling in the right filter drive amount to taste.

The new Cutoff Scaling patch parameter unlocks improved filter cutoff behaviour with three distinctive modes to increase creative performance and sound design options. Note-to-Cutoff Scaling can now track with full accuracy in one of two new modes; Relative, and Bipolar. These modes can be tailored to match your preferences on a per-patch basis. The original note-to-cutoff characteristics remain available in Legacy mode.

Modal Cobalt Filters

Effects en masse

Harnessing our flexible processing distribution system, some of the new additions occupy the power of two effects slots for more sonic power and depth. The V2 Reverb is great for adding a little bit of space to a sound, huge near-infinite reverbs and everything in-between. Creative sound gourmets will also enjoy the new Phaser v2, Compressor, Three-Band EQ, Unisoniser, Utility and additional Drive effects, giving enough options to give your custom patch creations a final, production-ready touch.

Modal Cobalt Effects

Use MODALapp to update your COBALT8

With the latest MODALapp version (2.8.5 or newer required), updating your MODAL synthesiser is easy as 1-2-3. Open the application on your computer or mobile device and it will guide you automatically through the update process.

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