Win a Modal Electronics Cobalt5S Synthesizer

6th Sep 2022

Win a Modal Electronics Cobalt5S Synthesizer

Get yourself shown with a Modal synth and Win a Modal Electronics Cobalt5S Synthesizer!

Wherever life takes you, it’s the best time to visit Music Matter and until the in the 31st October participate #ModalMatter2022 competition.

To enter into this exclusive chance to win a Modal synth, please follow these easy steps:

1. Shoot a quick video or a photo with a MODAL synth in our Music Matter Preston Store.
2. Share it to a social media platform and mention us in your post.
3. Tag the post with #ModalMatter2022, the product as well as the social media handles of Modal Electronics & Music Matter.

At the beginning of November, we will draw a winner of a brand new COBALT 5S synthesiser.

With all of this power, musicians, sound designers and more have a tremendous palette of tonal variety to craft any sound imaginable. In conjunction with the 40 highly detailed oscillator models that include Sync, Ring Mod, Waveform Morphing, you can let your creativity run wild to create the sounds you've always dreamt of.

Synthesizer earcandy

Similar to the rest of the Cobalt line-up of synthesizers, the Cobalt 5S features the same self-oscillating 4-pole Morphable Ladder Filter from the Cobalt 8. Exponentially more powerful than a traditional filter, the Cobalt 5S 4-pole feature includes four different modes that can all be manipulated with the typical Cutoff and Resonance controls as well as the experimental Morph parameter, letting you adjust the filter in a musical and immersive way.

Whether you're looking to subtly adjust the tone of a track or transform your instrument to something completely new, the Cobalt 5S can deliver. The only limit is your imagination!

Modal Cobalt 5S Earcandy

Tone sculpting made easy

Everything you demand to craft the perfect sound in meticulous detail is right at your fingertips with COBALT5S. Three envelopes complete with selectable types take command of the filter, amp or modulation destinations, empowering you with unrestricted options when it comes to fine-tuning your sound.

One Polyphonic LFO and one Global LFO provide extended power to control a plethora of modulation sources, selected via a sophisticated 8-slot modulation matrix. Whether it’s an otherworldly evolving soundscape, rhythmic pads or a searing lead, realising your creative vision has never been this easy!

Modal Cobalt 5S Tone

Supercharge your performance

Take your performance to the next level with the Modal Cobalt 5S. The integrated 512-note real-time/step sequencer lets you experiment with arrangements and compositions that wouldn't be possible with traditional sequencers. This sequencer features four animation lanes, letting you deep dive in control to customise each groove exactly the way you need for your music.

Paired with the built-in programmable 32-step advanced arpeggiator and you will unlock a world of creative, rhythmic and experimental textures and patterns to transform monotonous single-line melodies into exciting and otherworldly soundscapes.

Modal Cobalt 5S Supercharge

Advanced control

The Cobalt 5S boasts a wide range of flexibility and in-depth control that ensures every adjustment to a parameter that you need to make will be available right in front of you. The Cobalt 5S features 16 switched encoders and a proprietary X/Y/Z touchpad to give you tactile editing at your fingertips. Going above and beyond the typical joystick X/Y-style pads, the proprietary X/Y/Z touchpad gives you 5-axis control over pitch bend, modulation wheel or any other user-assigned modulation.

In combination with MPE supported format, the Cobalt 5S presents an opportunity for live sound designers to expressively perform like never before, adding smooth dynamics and movement to your sound. Of course, everything is monitored through the radiant monochrome OLED display to highlight all the key information you are controlling in razor-sharp resolution.

Modal Cobalt 5S Advanced Control

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