First Look At The Modal Argon8 8-Voice Wavetable Synth

7th Sep 2019

First Look At The Modal Argon8 8-Voice Wavetable Synth

Huge new release from Modal Electronics with the Argon8 Wavetable Synthesizer. Pre-Order Today to reserve your place for November's first shipment!

Modal Electronics has taken the very essence of its Modal 002 wavetable synth and applied it into the much more affordable Argon8.

This gorgeous machine offers 8 voices of polyphony and is held into a steel and aluminium chassis. It comes with 37 velocity-sensitive full-size keys with aftertouch, and a tonne of new sound design features.

Modal 002 - but different

Despite being modelled on the 002, Modal have said that the Argon8 has a new sound engine that is able to perform complex synthesis. It has a class-compliant USB connection, allowing you to use it as part of an integrated setup, Plus a free software editor for desktop and mobile.

Modal Argon8 002

Powerful Argon8 Oscillators

120 carefully crafted wavetables split into 24 banks of 5 morphable waveform sets, covering virtual analogue classics through to cutting edge EDM and many from the original Modal 002 as well as a whole range of mathematically generated tables. Additional PWM bank and 4 noise/modulation banks accessible on Oscillator 2

Modal Argon8 Oscillators

High-Spec Modulation

Hugely powerful “Mod Matrix” with eight assignable slots with four additional fixed routes, 11 mod sources and 52 destinations, A 4-axis joystick that can be assigned to a huge range of modulation destinations and virtually ‘locked’ when desired

Three dedicated envelope generators for AMP, MOD and FILTER that can be accessed independently or all three simultaneously including negative (reverse) versions, Two Audio rate LFO’s with tempo sync (one poly, one global). Polyphonic LFO can sync to frequency divisions

Modal Argon8 Modulation

See The Modal Argon8 In Action:

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