MODAL ARGON Series Wavetable Overview

9th Jul 2021

MODAL ARGON Series Wavetable Overview

An Overview On Wavetable Synthesis As Seen In The Modal Electronics ARGON Series

Wavetable synthesis is a way of generating sound that has been around since the late 70s. It essentially uses small snapshots of samples and continuously loops them to create notes. Wavetable synths are different to analogue synthesisers and the likes of the Modal ARGON8 series harnesses this power to offer incredible sound sculpting capabilities. 


What Is Wavetable Synthesis?

This is what Modal say about Wavetable synthesis - “At its essence, Wavetable Synthesis incorporates a collection of single cycle waveforms organised sequentially on a “Wavetable”; each waveform can be played back on a loop to produce a continuous sound or tone – the higher the note pressed, the faster the cycle of the wave which we perceive as an increase in pitch.” A result of this is that as a key is pressed, a modulation source is set up to sweep through the wavetable and as a result, the actually timbre and tonality of the note will change and evolve. Because of the nature of wavetable synthesis, you get notes that transform in character naturally over time - no jarring or sudden changes; just a deep and rich tone.

Modal ARGON8

The Modal Electronics ARGON series comprises of the 37-key ARGON8, the 61-key ARGON9X and the desktop module ARGON8M, all of which boast a powerful wavetable synth engine that allows you to create thousands of different sonic combinations - from classics pads and modern chords, to dark drones and psychedelic noise textures. They’ve been designed with a wide range of musicians and producers in mind and sport a bunch of real-time controls, an easy-to-use interface, integrated performance tools and MPE support.

Modal ARGON8 Series