M-Audio Oxygen & Hammer Pro - Big New Update!

18th Aug 2021

M-Audio Oxygen & Hammer Pro - Big New Update!

M-Audio Release Firmware Update For Their Oxygen, Oxygen Pro & Hammer Pro USB MIDI Keyboard Controllers

Users of certain M-Audio USB MIDI keyboards will be pleased to know that there has been a recent firmware update that makes these keyboard controllers even more powerful. The M-Audio Oxygen, Oxygen Pro and Hammer Pro keyboards can all be updated to their most recent firmware, for free, via M-Audio’s website which can be found here.

M-Audio Oxygen Keys

Deeper Ableton Integration

If you’re using an M-Audio Oxygen, Oxygen Pro or Hammer Pro MIDI keyboard alongside Ableton, then this new firmware update will bring you even deeper integration between the two, including automatic mapping. This means that when you plug your keyboard into your computer, Ableton will automatically assign the knobs and faders on your keyboard to certain functions within the DAW. This is done in a practical way that can help speed up your workflow, for example, in Ableton Live, the faders will control the volume of your tracks, and the buttons underneath them can control various properties of those tracks - the different properties can be toggled between using the Mode button. This gives you a much more hands-on, hardware-style approach to working. 

M-Audio Oxygen Mini

Other Improvements

Other improvements to the function of your USB controller keyboard from this new firmware update include the following: 

  • Preset editor improvements
  • Improvements to the pitch and modulation wheel performance
  • Time clock improvements 
M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61

All of these updates are completely free of charge, whether you’ve just bought your new MIDI keyboard, or you’ve had it while. These small improvements really do add up when you’re creating music to make your workflow faster, and generally just make life a bit easier!