Lewitt Connect 6 USB-C Audio Interface

7th Dec 2022

Lewitt Connect 6 USB-C Audio Interface

A multi-role audio interface, the Lewitt Connect 6 is an adaptive and versatile device that can be utilised for more than just audio recording and music production.

The Connect 6 meets the modern-day requirements for audio interfaces to be used for streaming, video calls or producing content for social media. The Connect 6 is equipped with multiple features that allow you to conveniently personalise your workflow and shape your sounds with the highest audio quality. The interface is compact and portable, with a lightweight and slim build that makes it suitable for creatives on the move.

Powerful on-board digital signal processors and DSP FX

Digital signal processing reduces the need for post-processing, allowing you to shape your sounds directly with the audio interface. The hardware DSP-based functions of the Connect 6 provide a reliable and latency-free operation. Since all the processing work is done on the audio interface, independent of the performance of the connected device, the Connect 6 frees up CPU power whilst also providing zero-latency performance.

The DSP-powered FX provides you with an array of useful tools for sound shaping. You can use the Expander to add depth and immersion to your audio. The Compressor can be used to flatten the dynamic range and bring your sounds together. The four-band EQ allows you to engage with and fine-tune your frequency levels, allowing you to shape your sound with maximum precision. The Maximiser brings your full audio mix to an optimum loudness level and allows you to control its peak level.

Lewitt Connect 6 DSP

Ultimate control and device intergration

With two USB-C connections, an AUX and two XLR line inputs, the Connect 6 gives the user flexibility to be creative with its extensive analog and digital connections. Two studio-grade preamps provide 72dB of gain and low-noise performance of -133dBV giving the Connect 6 the ability to boost weak signals from input instruments without requiring external hardware.

Connect any two devices to the interface with the dual USB-C ports. You can plug your computer and your phone into the interface and enjoy lossless digital audio The USB-C port for phones also functions as a charger. The Connect 6 is compatible with Android and Apple devices, being Apple MFI Certified.

Lewitt Connect 6 Podcast

Effortless setup, workflow creation and utility

The Connect 6 includes Auto Setup which when activated, allows the interface to find the optimal settings for the device connected to the inputs. Auto Setup will fine-tune the settings to suit your voice, microphone or instrument.

Lewitt Control Center software creates a convenient way to streamline your workflow, you can customise your audio setup and presets. Use Control Center to combine any input audio with your device's audio. Create two different independent master audio mixes, Mix A and B. These mixes act as presets for different activities such as personal monitoring or podcasting and can be fine-tuned to suit those tasks.

You can route Mix A and B to any chosen device and even to apps and software within. The Control Center Operated three stereo channels for customised audio routing and one loopback channel which allows you to capture the audio of any media on your connected devices, such as games, video calls, videos or audio broadcasters.

Lewitt Connect 6 Setup

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