Korg Pa5X Professional Arranger Keyboard

30th Jun 2022

Korg Pa5X Professional Arranger Keyboard

The flagship of the Korg Pa series, Pa5X boasts thousands of high-quality sounds, hundreds of meticulously crafted backing styles, and entirely new features that solidify its place as the professional arranger.

The new look of this keyboard has been designed with the modern keys player in mind. The beautiful aluminium body adds a touch of quality and durability, while the wooden side panels also add a premium feel that is reminiscent of the Korg prologue.

As well as the vast range of rich and articulate sounds, the Pa5x delivers an intuitive and dynamic interface that provides all the controls and parameters you'll need to craft your perfect sound. The semi-weighted keys are naturally-responsive providing both velocity and aftertouch sensitivity for a natural and articulate sound for a range of playing styles.

5 Years Warranty!

Exceptional sound generation and articulation

The Pa5X delivers exception sound quality and definition utilising the newly-developed EDS-XP (Enhanced Definition Synthesis - Expanded) sound engine from Korg. The EDS-XP engine is immensely powerful, with 24 stereo oscillators and 160 note polyphony, this will sound better than anything before.

The built-in sound library for this keyboard is huge, with 2,200 factory sounds from every genre. Pianos to electric pianos, orchestral sounds to synthesizer sounds. This product offers unmatched diversity. A whole new drawbar organ section takes full advantage of the Pa5X's design for realistic controls. The Smooth Sound Transition allows you to crossfade between styles or sound smoothly using the crossfade slider.

Korg PA5X Sound


Pa5X features more than 600 backing styles, each with three introductions, four variations, four fills, a break, and three endings. Covering a breath-taking array of musical genres, from pop, classic pop and ballads, to jazz, big band and movie soundtracks, Pa5X provides countless hours of musical inspiration and performance.

New drum and percussion sounds benefit from the use of technology based on round-robin sampling, meaning that no two drum hits are equal. This, combined with the ability to edit each part of the drum kit individually, gives new and recreated styles a fresh sound that you can make your own.

Korg PA5X Styles

Pa5X Dual players

Thanks to two players and exclusive XDS crossfade control, Pa5X can play two styles, MIDI files, or MP3 files simultaneously and in any combination! These two players can be mixed or can be used to play a song while another one is waiting to start. All while the Pa5X's sound engine ensures transitions happen seamlessly.

Korg PA5X Dual Players

Pa5X Real-time controls

Faders, switches, real and virtual matrices of real-time controls, the joystick, and the ribbon controller can all be assigned to modulate any parameter of your sound. This provides precise control of the most subtle nuances and articulation.

Pa5X features a fully programmable control section with nine faders and nine buttons. Freely assignable, the current function is shown on an auxiliary strip display so that you always know what you have under your fingertips – even if you are on a different page on the main display.

Korg Pa5X Real-time Controls

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