Korg Announce The modwave Wavetable Synth

22nd Jan 2021

Korg Announce The modwave Wavetable Synth

Korg Release The modwave - A Versatile Digital Wavetable Synth With Countless Sound Options And A Built-In Kaoss Pad.

Korg are building on the success of another one of their legendary, cult-status synths - the DW-8000 from 1985, which featured a combination of digital and analogue technology. In line with its more recent releases like the Wavestate and Opsix, the new Korg modwave is all digital and features a huge range of tonal options, as well as effects, modulation and morphing options and modelled filters. They’ve even added their legendary Kaoss Physics technology on board. 

230 Million+ Sound Varitations

The Korg modwave features incredibly deep wavetable oscillators - there are over 200 wavetables, each containing up to 64 waveforms. Then, there are over 30 modifiers to tweak the sound further and 13 morph types to process them in real time. There’s even the option to create new hybrid sounds by merging two wavetables together using its unique realtime A/B Blend. Straight out of the box, Korg say that there are over 230 million variations. As was on the Wavestate and the Opsix, the modwave also has modelled filters, meaning you can get some classic Korg sounds, like the MS-20 and Polysix.

Korg modwave Sounds

Kaoss Physics and Motion Sequencing

There’s a pad on the modwave that’s very reminiscent of the legendary Kaoss Pad. This x/y pad lets you control modulation in a similar way to a ball rolling on a surface - of course, you can tweak the surface to produce different results. Most parameters are modulatable and can be controlled from the pad which gives you incredible control over the sound! Wave Sequencing as seen on the Wavestate has evolved somewhat for the modwave - Motion Sequencing 2.0 as they call it, separates timing, pitch, shape and four step sequencers into their own ‘lanes’ allowing them to have different loop lengths. This can give you some really cool sounds, that constantly evolve.

Korg modwave Kaoss

Knob-Per-Function Layout

Whilst there are quite literally, millions of options in terms of sounds that you can get out of the Korg modwave, it’s still an easy synth to operate. Its knob-per-function layout means you can quickly alter sounds without the need for constant menu-scrolling. It also means it’s a great synth for live performance - you can tweak all your sounds in real time, plus the Kaoss Physics lets you do things that you couldn’t normally do without deep editing software. 

Korg modwave Layout