Korg Announce MiniKORG 700 FS Mono Synth

20th Jan 2021

Korg Announce MiniKORG 700 FS Mono Synth

Korg Release The MiniKorg 700FS - A Modern, Limited Edition Recreation Of Korg’s First Mass-Produced Mono Analogue Synthesizer

The MiniKorg 700 was first released in 1973, then updated in 1974 with the MiniKorg 700S, and was used by the likes of The Cure, Stevie Wonder, Human League and many more. It was originally designed as sub-synth, to play bass and lead parts alongside an organ, and over the years it has developed as a sort of cult-classic - there are modern synths that owe a lot to the MiniKorg. Korg have revived this fan-favourite with the brand new, limited edition MiniKorg 700FS. It’s essentially a remake of the 1974 MiniKorg, with a few modern tweaks and it has been created under the supervision of the original circuit designer, Fumio Mieda.

Classic MiniKorg Sound

The MiniKorg 700FS is capable of some nice, phat bass sounds with lots of presence, that actually fit really well into modern music, despite it being a 70s synth. It’s also great for lead lines that you want to stand out of a mix. The Korg Volca Bass and Keys actually have the same filter circuit as the MiniKorg because of the strong presence it lends. With this being a reissue of the MiniKorg 700S, the synth has two oscillators, instead of one, so you can enjoy thicker and detuned sounds, as well as a ring modulator. 

MiniKorg 700FS Keys

The original was known for it’s ‘Traveller’ controller - that is, two sliders that control high and low pass filters separately. Of course, the new MiniKorg FS700 has these too, so you can alter your sound by moving these sliders whilst you’re playing, creating some really cool ‘wah-wah’ and muted sounds.

MiniKorg 700FS Traveller

Intuitive Layout

Originally, the MiniKorg was designed to be used in conjunction with something like an organ - to be sat on top of it, hence why the controls are on the front of the instrument. It can still be used like this today, alongside a digital piano or electric keyboard. The controls are really nicely laid out - everything’s quite clearly there in front of you, and many of the knobs and sliders are even coloured, so you can quickly identify what they are whilst you’re playing. What’s also great is the fact that the MiniKorg 700FS comes with its own protective 70s-style carry case.

MiniKorg 700FS Controls

Modern Features On The MiniKorg 700FS

Korg wanted to keep the MiniKorg 700FS true to the original - and they have done, however they have also added a few modern-day touches that don’t take away any of the old-school charm. As technology progresses, things tend to get smaller - as such, they’ve been able to add a spring reverb to the unit, as well as an arpeggiator and a joystick for modulation and pitch-bending. There’s also a USB port, a MIDI in connector and CV/Gate In jack input. The keys also now feature aftertouch, allowing you to play with more expression. 

MiniKorg 700FS IO