JBL EON 700 Series PA Speakers

31st Jan 2022

JBL EON 700 Series PA Speakers

JBL Build On The Legacy of Their With The New EON 700 Series Powered PA Speakers

The JBL EON powered PA loudspeakers have been making noise on stages around the world since the mid 90s. Their latest incarnation - the JBL EON 700 series has had a whole host of improvements made to make them more functional, sound better and more suitable to a variety of different applications. The series is made up of four models - the EON 710, 712, 715 and 718S subwoofer. 

Improved Coverage

JBL have employed the use of the latest technology to improve the coverage that these speakers give out. That means that you no longer have to be standing directly in front of them to get the best sound - they’ll fill the room more evenly and provide a better listening experience for more people. You’ll even get this regardless of the volume you’re listening at. As well as this, JBL’s advanced waveguide and transducer technologies mean that you get a clear, consistent and intelligible sound, even when they’re pushed super loud.

JBL EON 700 Series Acoustics

Rugged And Versatile Build

The JBL EON 700 speakers have been designed so that they can be used in a variety of different situations. Whether you’re using them as the main PA speakers, for a band, solo performer or DJ (flying or pole-mounted) or as monitor wedges, you’ll get a clear, consistent sound. The cabinets have also been designed so that they’re rugged and reliable - these are going to last for years. 

JBL EON 700 Series Versatility

On-Board DSP

These powered PA speakers also pack some serious DSP punch. With the JBL EON 700 series, you can tweak the EQ, limiters, delay, dbx Automatic Feedback Suppression, ducking and other speaker functions all navigated via the LCD screen on the back. Or, if you’d rather, you can pair them with your smartphone or tablet and use the JBL Pro Connect App - the speakers are even bluetooth enabled so that you can easily and quickly stream music from your device. 

JBL EON 700 Series DSP

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