Introducing Sonarworks Sound ID Reference

26th Mar 2021

Introducing Sonarworks Sound ID Reference

Sonarworks Release The Newest Version Of Its Sound Reference Software - SoundID Reference

Building on its previous versions, Sonarworks SoundID Reference is a piece of software that lets you tailor sound across all your Mac or Windows apps to your personal taste or hearing. You can use it to calibrate speakers and headphones, making it a particularly useful piece of software for producers. If you’ve got a studio, or if you’re recording at home, then your room will play a big part in what you hear, as well as your speakers. Sonarworks SoundID Reference can help you make sure that what you hear out of your speakers, or headphones is exactly what’s in your mix - no colouration, no added frequencies; simply what’s there. 


Sound ID Reference is the newest version of the Sonarworks Reference software. If you’ve got a previous version, then there are upgrade options. There have been a number of updates and features added which have all come about by listing directly to you, the end user. Sonarworks listened to feedback from customers and worked on the most popular requests. 

What's New?

Here are some of the main new features in SoundID Reference:

Save Time with Translation Check - With this, you can realistically simulate a number of different devices and device classes to check your mix in different environments - no more going to the car to check it!

Custom Target Curve Adjustments in Real-Time - One of the most requested features was the ability to adjust the target curve in real-time - now you can! You can also limit the calibration frequency range.

Near 0 Latency Systemwide Drivers for Windows Users - Two new modes for Windows users with almost zero latency.

Improved Layout for Systemwide Outputs and Preset Management - You can now use the main windows of the SoundID app to control all of your outputs.

Log-in to your SoundID Reference - You can now login just using your email or socials, so no more worrying about managing licence keys.

Sonarworks SoundID Reference Screen