Intro Offer on Arturia FX Collection 2

9th Jun 2021

Intro Offer on Arturia FX Collection 2

Arturia Release FX Collection 2, With Introductory Offer At £269 Saving £100

The Arturia FX Collection 2 is, as the name suggests, a varied collection of effects plugins for mixing, mastering and recording. Arturia have added to its previous collection with seven extra plugins, including a bus mix section, as well as improving existing ones, plus they’ve enhanced in-app tutorials and streamlined the preset browser, making it easier and quicker to find incredible sounds. What makes it even better is that there’s an introductory price offer, so if you buy the Arturia FX Collection 2 before 25th June 2021, you can get it all for £269, saving yourself £100.

Audio Effects You'll Actually Use

Arturia are well known for their incredible software emulations of classic synths and keys instruments, though they also do authentic effects plugins too. Many of these are based on classic pieces of hardware that are either incredibly expensive, hard to source, or both. The Arturia FX Collection 2 contains 22 effects plugins (up from 15 in the last version) based on vintage, analogue outboard effects as well as more contemporary units, giving you a really wide scope to shape your sound exactly how to you want it. 

22 Varied Plugins

The effects are split in the following groups - Mix Bus, Compressors, Modulations, Delays, Reverbs, Preamps and Filters. Within these you’ve got different effects, each with their distinctive tonal flavour and different uses. Each one has been painstakingly modelled in extreme detail to give you a better experience, whether you’re applying effects to drums, vocals, guitars, keys, samples or quite literally anything else!

Arturia FX Collection 2 Plugins

To get all this for £100 less, simply purchase the Arturia FX Collection 2 before the 25th June.