IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Models

21st Jan 2021

IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Models

IK Multimedia Announce All-Analogue Paraphonic Uno Synth Pro Plus The More Compact Uno Synth Pro Desktop Version

IK Multimedia have released a pair of compact, versatile paraphonic analogue synths - the Uno Synth Pro and the Uno Synth Pro Desktop. The Uno Synth Pro has 37 full-size keys, whereas the smaller Desktop version has a 32-‘key’ capacitive touch keyboard, but both are packed full of features that will suit anyone looking for a range of modern and classic analogue synth sounds.


Both the IK Uno Synth Pro models are paraphonic, so you can play more than one note at once, and both have three continuously variable wave shape oscillators with PWM, synch, FM and ring modulation. The new Uno Synth Pro takes off from the previous model with a new additional SS 2/4-pole low pass filter - this is alongside the 2-pole OTA multimode filter that was in the original Uno Synth. These filters can be used in series or parallel giving you up to 24 combinations - did we mention it was versatile?

IK Uno Synth Pro

On top of this, you’ve also got two ADSR envelopes - one for filter, one for amplitude, two LFOs, 256 presets, and a 16-slot modulation matrix for routing. In terms of effects, the Uno Synth Pro has 12 studio-grade options on-board. You can you use up to three at once, separated into modulation, delay and reverb, plus a lovely sounding analogue overdrive (great for adding thickness to bass sounds, or making your leads stand out).

What's The Difference Between The Uno Synth Pro And The Desktop Version?

Both the Uno Synth Pro and Uno Synth Pro Desktop actually share the same sound engine. The main difference is the keyboard - the bigger Uno Pro has a premium 37-key Fatar synth-action keyboard, whereas the more compact Uno Synth Pro Desktop has 32 smaller capacitance-sensing keys. If you’re more of a keyboard or piano player, you might find it easier and more natural to play the larger 37-key model. Additionally, the Uno Synth Pro has pitch and mod wheels, whereas the Desktop has strips next to the keyboard - it’s a more tactile experience with the bigger one, though of course, if you need a space-saving analogue synth, packed full of features, then the Uno Synth Pro Desktop is the way to go.

IK Uno Synth Pro Desktop

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