Genelec Announce The Ones Coaxial Studio Monitors

20th Jul 2017

Genelec Announce The Ones Coaxial Studio Monitors
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Hearing With The Brain

Our ears receive vastly more information than we perceive. All our senses are filtered this way, and bring conscious awareness of only a tiny fraction of the data registered by the body. Our most precise sense, timing-wise, is hearing, which also involves substantial “pre-processing” and several reflexes ahead of conscious recognition.

The outer ears are sophisticated entry points that are needed to discriminate sound direc-tion, but we’re not just carrying around two very personal, directional microphones. Our ears and brain work together in a continuous feedback loop with an abundance of nerve impulses going back and forth to fine-tune reception in the middle and inner ear, over a range of 60 dB. We use head movements to stabilize localization, and the brain’s L/R ear comparisons rely on the most energy-consuming nerve synapses of the body.

However, only a trained listener (or viewer) can perceive the finer nuances of a sensory experience. Musicians and audio professionals learn to attain a heightened awareness of imaging, pitch, spectral balance, transients and many other qualities.

Build And Calibrate

Loudspeakers change spectral balance depending on placement in a room, and therefore need to be aligned and calibrated after positioning to ensure proper and reliable listening conditions. Genelec monitors have long featured DIP switches to compensate for placement, but new Smart Active Monitors (SAM) enable automated, more accurate and objective adjustments allowing true reference listening under previously intolerable conditions.

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Made In Finland

Genelec offers a huge range of monitors for the most pro-fessional and challenging audio applications. Truthful sound, reliability, long product life, long lasting spare part support, low energy consumption and sustainable production methods come as standard with all of thier monitors.

Technical Specifications

Genelec 8331
Genelec 8341
Genelec 8351

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Genelec 8331

Genelec 8341

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