Genelec Key Technology: Versatile Mounting

7th Oct 2021

Genelec Key Technology: Versatile Mounting

Easy And Versatile Mounting Of Genelec Monitor Speakers To Suit The Space You’re Working In

Genelec speakers are some of the most widely used monitors in the world of professional audio. They’re designed with acoustics in mind, however they’re also really clever in how they can be mounted in various applications, alongside Genelec’s amazing range of accessories.

Genelec Speakers Mounting

Different producers and audio engineers all work in slightly different environments and rooms, however they all need the ability to hear audio clearly, projected from the right space. It’s also important that their monitor speakers aren’t in an awkward position and aren’t cluttering up their workspace. Genelec speakers offer various ways of mounting so that they not only sound great, but are practical too. 

Genelec Speaker Mic Stand

The fixed mounting spots on the back the Genelec aluminium enclosure products, combined with their range of accessories mean that it’s easy to attach the speakers to walls or ceilings. Some Genelec models have a 3/8” screw thread on the bottom that allow you to attach them to a sturdy microphone stand - ideal for tucking into corners and adjusting the height to your needs. Other larger and heavier models have M10 fixing points. Whichever model of Genelec monitor speakers you have, you’ll be able to find a practical way of mounting them that really works for you and your space.