Genelec Key Technology: ISO-Pod Stand

27th Oct 2021

Genelec Key Technology: ISO-Pod Stand

Genelec Iso-Pods: The Best Way Of Housing Compact Monitor Speakers On A Desk

If you’ve seen Genelec monitor speakers in action, you may have noticed that many of them sit nicely in their own pods when fitted on a desk or work surface. Larger speakers are usually housed on speaker stands, but if you’re working in a smaller space, it shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise on your audio quality. This is where the Genelec Iso-Pod stands come in.

Genelec Speakers With Iso-Pod Stands

If, like most of us, you don’t always have the luxury of working in a large studio or workspace, you might find that you’re using smaller monitor speakers, for the sake of space. That’s fine - there are some great compact studio monitors out there, especially from Genelec. However, if you put your monitors directly on the desk, you’re not properly aiming the loudspeaker at the listener. Also, you’re going to get unwanted vibrations from everything else on the desk that can interfere with the frequency response from the speakers, particularly in the midrange.

Genelec Speakers Iso-Pod

Genelec Iso-Pod stands can actually attach to the aluminium frame of the monitor speakers. They’ve got four rubber feet that help isolate them from vibration and sound dampening. They can also angle at a ±15° tilt so you can properly aim the loudspeaker directly towards the listener’s ears. Having a proper way of mounting your compact Genelc speakers using their unique Iso-Pods means you get a better, more honest sound, whilst keeping a neat and tidy workspace. 

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