FREE Soft Case With The Korg SV-2 & SV-2S

25th May 2021

FREE Soft Case With The Korg SV-2 & SV-2S

Buy A Korg SV-2 Or SV-2S Between 1st May And 25th June 2021, And Get A Free Soft Case.

The Korg SV-2 Stage Vintage piano is an incredible instrument, bursting with old-school character. If you want authentic, vintage sounds in a modern and practical instrument, then this could well be it. The SV-2 is available as both a 73 and 88-key model, plus there’s also the Korg SV-2S, with built-in speakers. If you buy either of these models between the 1st May and 25th June 2021, then you can claim a padded soft case for your new instrument, for free!

Korg SV-2

The Korg SV-2 gives you authentic replications of some classic, sought-after instruments. You can get the sound of a range of vintage electric pianos, tonewheel organs, grand and upright pianos, harpsichords, as well as brass and string sounds, amongst much more. You’ve also got a range of effects on there so you can customise your sound further, then, you can save your creation to a preset slot for quick and easy recall. There’s even a real valve in there, giving you the warmth and crunch that only comes from valve technology. The layout is incredibly easy to navigate - all the options are there in front of you in the form of button, knobs and switches - no navigating small LCD menu screens. 

Korg SV-2 Valve

If you’re a gigging musician, then the Korg SV-2 is an ideal choice. It’s portable, but you don’t have to sacrifice anything in terms of sound or playability. It’s got an incredible-feeling keyed, featuring Korg’s RH-3 graded hammer action, plus all the ins and outs that you might find yourself needing whilst out on there road. If you want a reference speaker, either for writing sessions, home use, or maybe warming up backstage, then the Korg SV-2S is equipped with 15W speakers that produce crystal clear sound. 

Free Gigbag

If you’re taking your Korg SV-2 vintage stage piano out on the road, then you’ll want a case for it. If you buy either a 73 or 88-key SV-2 or SV-2S then you can claim a free soft case directly from Korg. Simply fill out this form, and you’ll get one shipped out to you, for free, directly from Korg (UK and Ireland addresses only).