Free Expansions With Maschine Hardware

13th Apr 2021

Free Expansions With Maschine Hardware

Get Free Expansions When You Buy A New Native Instruments Machine Hardware Device Before 11th May 2021.

The Native Instruments Maschine devices are ideal for creating beats and loops, and allow you to create and perform music with expression. The Machines are one of the best tools out there for musicians and producers that make music with their laptop or computer. They allow you to tap out drum beats, play basslines, chords, and add effects via pads and knobs that are designed for creating music, so you don’t have to draw in MIDI sequences on your computer, or scroll through endless laptop menus.

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro

Native Instruments offer three models that cater for different musicians - the Maschine Mikro is the smallest model and is ideal for people on the move, or for when space is an issue. The Maschine MK3 allows you to write, arrange and perform easily, with the help of a high resolution colour display that makes browsing sounds easier. The top of the range Maschine+ is a standalone device that acts as a drum machine, sampler, synth and more, which means you can leave your laptop at home! Now, until the 11th May 2021, when you buy any one of the devices, then you get some Native Instruments Expansion packs for free, as detailed below.

  • Maschine Mikro - Get 2 free expansions, save £88
  • Maschine Mk3 - Get 4 free expansions, save £176

  • Maschine Mikro - Get 6 free expansions, save £264

Native Instruments Expansions

Expansions are created by some of the best sound designers, producers and artists in the world. They contain a range of drum kits, loops, one-shots, synth presets and samples, and each pack is genre-specific. So, whether you’re into making EDM, hip-hop, R&B, funk, or anything else - chances are, there’s an Expansion pack that’s going to aid your music-creating process.

Native Instruments Expansions

How To Get Your Free Expansions

Once you’ve bought your Native Instruments Maschine, you’ll need to register it online in Native Access, or if you’re using the Maschine+, follow the on-screen setup guide. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get an email with voucher codes that you can use to buy whichever Expansions you want, as well as receiving some handy tips and tricks.