Free Arturia Microfreak Update

18th Jan 2021

Free Arturia Microfreak Update

Arturia Team Up With Noise Engineering To Bring Free V3 Update To The Microfreak, Adding Three New Creative Oscillators.

The Arturia Microfreak is a really cool little unit - it’s a completely unique hybrid synth that blends wavetable and digital oscillators with analogue filters, giving you the best of both worlds. It’s also just been made even better with a collaboration with Eurorack pioneers, Noise Engineering, in the form of a new free update. If you’ve already got a Microfreak, then click the link at the bottom to see how to update your unit - if you don’t, then here’s another reason to get one!

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Arturia Microfreak V3 Updates

You may have seen the Noise Engineering Virt Iter announced at last year’s NAMM - the new Microfreak update actually features the same algorithms seen in that. This V3 update gives you three powerful new oscillator forms - Bass, Harm and SawX. These new oscillators make the Arturia Micrioreak an even more powerful machine, offering more creativity and more scope for experimentation. Expect big, dirty sounding basses, as well as a softer sawtooth, controllable distorted and modulated sounds and more harmonic colour. Here’s what Arturia say about each new Noise Engineering oscillator:

Bass: A lean, mean, low-end machine. This non-linear waveshaping algorithm uses a quadrature oscillator principle to produce unique waveforms. The result is ultra-heavy digital density and gritty in-your-face bass that demands your full attention.
Harm: Harm mode combines additive synthesis with wavefolding to produce shimmering textures with heaps of overtone detail. Think of the classic hard sync sound, but from a different dimension - choose dense octave overtones or blow the harmonic series wide open.
SawX: Relatively straightforward sawtooth manipulations with complex sonic results. SawX is the supersaw sound contorted and sharpened beyond recognition. With added chorus and phase modulation, it’ll bring the dirt in no time.

See What's New In The Arturia x Noise Engineering Microfreak Update

You can play up to four voices for each oscillator mode, allowing you to create huge walls of sound, plus you can modulate the unison spread with a range up to 12 semitones. The update also expands the user preset slots from 256 to 384, which lets you recall even more of your favourite sounds and settings at the press of a button.

Arturia Noise Engineering Microfreak Update

To update your Arturia Microfreak and enjoy these new features brought to you by Noise Engineering, just click on this link on download it.