Focusrite Vocaster Portable USB Audio Interfaces

6th Jul 2022

Focusrite Vocaster Portable USB Audio Interfaces

Vocaster features Auto Gain, to set levels quickly and easily; Enhance, to get your voice sounding its best in one click; and connections for your phone, camera and so much more.

It’s never been simpler for podcasters to get started, have polished audio, and get the professional sound that their show deserves. Removing technical hassle from the equation allows them to focus on what matters; telling their story, sharing their passion, and most notably, building their audience.

Studio sound in seconds

Auto Gain sets your levels with the click of a button, with more than enough gain on tap for the most popular broadcast mics – no booster needed.

Focusrite Vocaster Sounds

Find your voice

The Enhance button reveals the true quality of your voice. Get the clearest sound first time. Four podcaster-approved voice presets bring out the best in any voice.

Focusrite Vocaster Portable

Cut it out!

Don’t let coughs and sneezes – or any other unexpected interruptions – mess up your podcast. Hit the mute button and silence the mic until you’re ready to go again.

Focusrite Vocaster Looks

Add a professional touch

Stream pre-recorded segments such as intros, outros, calls or any other audio you can think of from your computer with two sets of stereo loopback. Keep the story going and sound just like you’re in a broadcast studio.

Focusrite Vocaster Levels

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