Focusrite Plugin Collective: Klevgrand

10th Mar 2021

Focusrite Plugin Collective: Klevgrand

Focusrite Plugin Collective Members Can Download The Klevgrand DAW Cassette Plugin For Free Between 28th January And 25th March 2021.

Users of Focusrite’s Plugin Collective will already know how great this online community is. If you’ve bought a Focusrite hardware unit, you can register it online and join their Plugin Collective which gives you access to some of the most innovative software brands on the market. Every couple of months, Focusrite’s Plugin Collective gives you the opportunity to download some incredible plugins for free, as well as offering discounts on some other software products. Between 28th January and 25th March, members of the Focusrite Plugin Collective can download the Klevgrand DAW Cassette free of charge, as well enjoying a 40% off products on the Klevgrand online store. 

Focusrite Plugin Collective

DAW Cassette

The DAW Cassette plugin adds a bit of retro character to your recordings by emulating the sound of an 80s tape deck. You’ve got control over various parameters, so you can control what it does to your sound, but it can add some nice saturation, distortion, noise and wobble to help make your mix stand out. This is normally $40, but Focusrite Plugin Collective members can download it for free, plus they get 40% off other products on Klevgrand’s website.

Focusrite make a huge range of recording gear and interfaces, so whether you’re wanting to start making music in your bedroom, or you’re upgrading your studio, they’ll have something that will deliver exactly what you want. The Focusrite Plugin Collective adds even more value to their products, acting as an amazing additional bonus.

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