Focal Shape Studio Monitors Go Beyond The Curve

19th Jul 2017

Focal Shape Studio Monitors Go Beyond The Curve

Focal Shape Is A Complete Re-design

Focal’s commitment to provide innovative monitoring solutions has led it to completely rethink its approach to near-field studio monitors, as demonstrated by the new Shape line with its double passive radiators and the new cones for the woofers and tweeters.

Focal Shape

Made In France

Made in France, these monitors provide wide and extremely precise stereo image and remarkable acoustic transparency.

Nearfield Monitoring

Designed to meet the needs of nearfield monitoring, optimised for the acoustics of small rcording studio's and listening rooms.

Acoustic Performance

The mid-range and lower mid-range benefit from extreme neutrality, and without any masking effects, making equalisation much easier.

Focal Shape Line Up

3 Active Studio Monitors To Choose From

 Shape 40Shape 50Shape 65
Frequency Response 60Hz - 35kHz 50Hz - 35kHz 40Hz - 35kHz
SPL 102 db 106 db 109 db
Connection XLR / RCA XLR / RCA XLR / RCA
LF Power 25 W 60 W 80 W
HF Power 25 W 25 W 25 W
LF Driver Size 4" 5" 6.5"
HF Tweeter Size 1" 1" 1"
Dimensions H x W x D 25.7 x 16.1 x 20.0 cm 31.2 x 19.1 x 24.2 cm 31.2 x 19.1 x 24.2 cm
 Weight (Kg) 5 Kg   6.5 Kg  8.5 Kg
Shape Woofer
Shape Tweeter
Shape Composite

Aluminum has the advantage of having very high rigidity, whereas the combination of addition of magnesium increases the damping of the dome.

At the same time, the 'M' shape of the inverted dome has two major advantages. Its directivity is even less that of the inverted dome tweeter, allowing for more flexibility in terms of listening position. Mechanically speaking, the 'M' shape gives the dome much more rigidity, while reducing distortion even more.

The Poron® suspension provides a more linear frequency response curve below 6kHz, improving crossover with the

The magnetic component has also been optimised thanks to a voice coil with a Kapton® frame which significantly reduces the Foucault current, and consequently, distortion. Finally, the horn housing the tweeter has been designed to provide equal horizontal and vertical directivity.

The Flax sandwich cones used for the woofers on Shape loudspeakers are composed of two materials: glass fibres and flax fibres. A layer of flax fibres is sandwiched between two layers of glass fibres.

Glass fibre cones were also used on the 'W' composite sandwich cone of the SM6 and SM9 series, and are revered for their high rigidity considering their light weight. The soul of the sandwich cone needs to provide good damping while being as light as possible. Flax fibres are twice as light as glass fibres as they’re hollow.

This consequently increases the speaker driver’s Young’s modulus when in excursion, an essential property to ensure a piston-like action even in the very low end. Finally, it is 80% composed of cellulose which gives it excellent damping.

This new technology has proven to be a considerable improvement over the Polyglass cone in terms of weight, rigidity and damping.

Shape Gallery

Shape Close Up
Focal Shape Trio
Shape Cone

Shape Woofer 2
Shape Monitor

Focal Shape's Use A Double Passive Radiator

The double passive radiator is an ingenuous solution to a common issue encountered with nearfield monitors: to combine a compact design, extended frequency response in the low end and a positioning which is comfortable.

Focal Shape Passive Radiator

The Ideal Solution

Indeed, when ported systems meet their limits in terms of integration (a long-enough port to match its surface is required), the passive radiator becomes the ideal solution. However, rocking modes can often occur depending on the frequency and the volume. In order to compensate for this phenomenon, two U-shaped surrounds positioned opposite each other join the passive disk to the basket, ensuring perfect symmetry during excursion and incursion. Finally, the very low tuning frequency allows the monitors to be placed very close to a wall.