Eventide Promo: The H949 Harmonizer - 75% off!

10th Aug 2021

Eventide Promo: The H949 Harmonizer - 75% off!

Save 75% On The Eventide H949 Pitch Shifter Plug-In Until 7th September 2021

Eventide have a rich history with pitch shifting, offering one of the first ever pitch changing units in the mid-70s - the 1745M. They built on the success of this with the H910, and later, the H949 which rectified the problems associated with the earlier models. Now, you can get the power of the Eventide H949 pitch shifter and multi-effects unit in a software plug-in, plus, from now until 7th September 2021, there’s a massive 75% off.

Eventide H949 Plugin

Eventide H949

The Eventide H949 is a really versatile plug-in. It’s a pitch shifter so you can use it to add harmonies to your vocals, or instruments, plus you can add up to two octaves below and one octave above to create a huge sound. You can also use it to fatten up snare drums and detune synths. This plug-in also features Dual mode, which replicates having two of these units allowing you to create the illusion of double-tracking - this is really useful on guitars!


It’s not just a pitch shifter - the Eventide H949 is a multi-effects unit. Within it, you’ve got flange, different types of delay, reverse and a powerful EQ function on the feedback section. The way it’s laid out is very much like the hardware unit too, so it’s like you’re tweaking real knobs and buttons, instead of scrolling through menus. 

The Eventide H949 is a really powerful and versatile tool - you can use it to add some nice texture and width to your vocals and instruments, or you can get really experimental with it. Whatever style of music you create, you’ll probably find yourself going to this plug-in a lot, and, until the 7th September 2021, you can get it with 75% off.