Huge Engine DJ 3 Update featuring Drop Sampler

6th Mar 2023

Huge Engine DJ 3 Update featuring Drop Sampler

The latest Engine DJ release brings new creative tools and expanded connectivity, allowing its users to push creative boundaries and build their DJ performances like never before.

Engine DJ, the leading developer of cross-platform DJ software solutions, today announced the availability of Engine DJ 3.0. Comprised of 2 major updates to the OS and Desktop platforms, Engine DJ delivers the most advanced, reliable, and powerful DJ suite to the market. Engine DJ was the first to bring Wi-Fi connectivity, on-board lighting control, and Amazon Music streaming to the DJ booth. Now, 3.0 adds the first ever standalone DJ system drop sampler, wireless collection connectivity, and more.

Drop Sampler

Having access to a drop sampler is vital for creative DJs that want to add interest and excitement to their mix by incorporating unique musical elements and samples. Until now, this feature was only available on laptop-based DJ software or dedicated sampler hardware. With Engine DJ 3.0, DJs now have access to a drop sampler on standalone DJ systems and media players for the first time ever.

Engine Remote Library

With Engine DJs new Remote Library feature, Engine DJ hardware devices can now recognize a laptop running Engine DJ Desktop as an external source, allowing DJs to access their entire Engine DJ Desktop library over Wi-Fi or wired network without the need to export playlists to a drive. In addition to offering DJs a new performance option, this connectivity makes it easier to prepare tracks, add hot cues and loops, and make beat grid adjustments with physical hardware controls. Playlist and performance data updates are reflected on both Engine DJ hardware and the desktop collection in real time so that everything remains perfectly in sync.

Performance Pads Heads-Up Display

With Engine DJ 3.0, all Engine DJ devices now offer a new Performance Pads Heads-Up Display. This new feature allows DJs to easily see vital information like Hot Cue and Loop names, loaded Samples, and Loop and Roll beat divisions directly on this screen. The Performance Pad Heads-Up Display can be toggled on and off via the Control Center swipe-down menu.

Plus more!

- Effect parameter recall
- Improved Wi-Fi connectivity
- Improved Sync Manager packing
- Other various stability enhancements and improvements

Compatible Engine DJ Hardware: