Dynaudio Professional Studio Monitors

28th Oct 2022

Dynaudio Professional Studio Monitors

Dynaudio uses all the knowhow gained through supplying some of the world’s biggest recording studios with full-on reference monitor systems to give outstanding performance.

Dynaudio Core

From pounding electronic drums and explosive low-frequency effects in the latest movie trailer to the finesse of pianissimo strings and breathy, airy vocals, Core monitors deliver the truth to your ears without compromise. If it sounds great, it is great. If there are problems in the mix, you won’t be lied to – you’ll get nothing but the honest truth so you can fix it, and fix it fast.

LYD Series

Active nearfield studio monitors need to present the unvarnished truth: no colouration, no distortion, no flattery of the music running through them. You need to be able to hear exactly what each thread of the music is doing – so, when it comes to mixing and mastering, you know you can deliver exactly what the artist wants.

BM Series

Applications for the BM Classic monitors cover every aspect of sound engineering and reproduction, including music and speech monitoring and mixing, radio station, OB vehicles, edit suites, post production, recording studios and playback rooms.