Buy A Denon SC6000 or an SC6000M Prime & Get an LC6000 Prime Free

1st Feb 2023

Buy A Denon SC6000 or an SC6000M Prime & Get an LC6000 Prime Free

Expand your creativity, expand your performance! Buy an SC6000 or SC6000M and get an LC6000 Expansion controller for free! This offer is only available while stocks last

Yes you read that correctly, Act fast to make the most of this incredible offer! Take hands on control of the SC6000 or SC6000M’s secondary layer technology with the LC6000 expansion controller; giving you the ability of a full media player set up with only one deck or the chance to have a full club style four deck set-up with industry leading features and technology for a fraction of the cost!

Whether you opt for the torque of traditional vinyl style platter or the nudge control of a classic jog wheel the LC6000 will give full tactile control of your Denon DJ media player’s secondary layer. The ultimate set-up for creative mixing giving you the ability to unleash your ideas on the dance floor!

Denon LC6000 Prime

EXPAND YOUR CREATIVITY Inheriting the same DNA from the ultimate club experience SC6000 PRIME, the Denon DJ LC6000 PRIME is the world’s most versatile DJ controller. Bringing professional club style layout, design and control to both standalone and laptop-based DJ workflows.