Denon SC6000 & SC6000M DJ Media Players Explained

15th Sep 2020

Denon SC6000 & SC6000M DJ Media Players Explained

Denon DJ introduced of their new SC6000 and SC6000M PRIME professional DJ media players a while back, with them arriving soon we thought we'd give a run down of these great machines, plus you can reserve yours today for early Oct!

Both standalone media players feature a 10.1” touchscreen, Wi-Fi streaming, internal HDD drive bay, large 8.5” jog-wheel, plus performance pads with sophisticated design illumination.

Advanced Touchscreen UI

The SC6000 and SC6000M PRIME feature a stunning, high-definition 10.1” touchscreen with gesture support. DJs can navigate, reorganize, filter and search their music with on-screen keyboard plus view dual-layer playback of track waveforms.

Denon SC6000 & SC6000M Touchscreen

Wi-Fi Enabled Music Streaming

Both SC6000 and SC6000M have built-in Wi-Fi and wired internet connectivity enabling DJs to play music from partnered music streaming services, Beatport*, Beatsource*, SoundCloud* and TIDAL. (Customers receive a FREE 3-month trial subscription to TIDAL.)

Denon SC6000 & SC6000M WIFI Streaming

Ever-Evolving software

ENGINE OS is the performance power inside the SC6000 and SC6000M, packed with industry-first standalone features like on-the-fly music file analysis, on-board track preview plus class-leading time stretch and musical key change algorithms. With a proven track record of continuous feature upgrades, ENGINE OS is unmatched in the DJ industry.

Denon SC6000 & SC6000M Software

Jog Wheel Essentials

The SC6000’s solid, 8.5” platter brings a large, ‘hands-on’ surface area for positive and tactile ease-of-use, plus has a precise-feel, smooth tension adjustment for customizing to a DJ’s preferred response. 

The SC6000M has a die-cast aluminum 8.5” motorized platter with newly-designed ‘quick-release’ vinyl. It offers turntablists ultra-responsive platter control, powered by a brushless DC electric motor, customizable with adjustable torque range adjustment.

Denon SC6000 & SC6000M Jog Wheels

Best in Class Timestretch

Open Format, cross-BPM DJing perfection! Artifact free, sonically perfect audio reproduction, for pitch-locked, extreme track tempo changes.

Denon SC6000 & SC6000M Timestretch


Mix and perform simultaneously with dual-layer audio tracks to your mixer, via the SC6000M's two independent analog/digital outputs

Denon SC6000 & SC6000M 2 Players

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