Denon DJ Prime 4+ Premium All-in-one Controller

16th Jun 2023

Denon DJ Prime 4+ Premium All-in-one Controller

Building on the success of previous Prime models, the Prime 4 Plus Standalone DJ System is the perfect choice for any professional DJ.

This all-in-one DJ Controller includes everything you need to take your mixing to the next level. Improve your workflow and add flare to your transitions with the intuitive layout and ergonomic controls.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity - access millions of tracks instantly from your favourite music streaming services
  • Revamped look with ergonomic club-style layout
  • Expanded dynamic FX options
  • Larger jog wheels surface (10 percent bigger)
  • Four-deck standalone Engine Prime DJ system
  • 10-inch HD multi-touch display with gestures
  • Dedicated XLR Zone output provides music to a separate room
  • Built-in 2.5-inch SATA drive bay to store music onboard
  • 6-inch rugged metal jog wheel with HD central display
  • (4) assignable input channels for external media sources
  • (2) dedicated XLR inputs for microphones with individual control
  • StagelinQ connection for Event/Pro DJ lighting and video control
  • Plays uncompressed audio formats (FLAC, ALAC, WAV)
  • Crisp 24-bit Denon DJ legacy audio
  • (4) USB and (1) SD media inputs for music playback
  • USB keyboard support
  • Coming soon | Serato DJ Pro control enable

EW Engine DJ 3.1 firmware - expanded FX, updated ampler and more!

The latest and greatest. The latest 3.1 firmware update for Engine DJ OS includes a whole host of new features and improvements including a wide variety of new 'Touch' and 'Main' FX. With over 35 new FX In total spanning everything from LFO Echo to Beat Break; the variety of new effect options will be sure to re-vitalise your creativity. Each effect now offers a new 'Frequency' parameter so you can apply the effect to a certain spectrum of the frequency range.

Denon Prime 4+ Engine

Onboard Wi-Fi/Bluetooth wireless connectivity - stream from music services

Utilise unprecedented access to music online with access to Amazon Music Unlimited, Beatport, Soundcloud GO+ and other top streaming services through the device itself. The Prime 4 Plus provides in-depth support for Amazon Music Unlimited using a secure chipset to meet Amazon requirements for streaming, with this feature you can access over 90 million high-quality songs without having to download them prior to performing.

You can stream any two tracks from Amazon Music Unlimited on the controller at the same time. The Prime 4 Plus runs on the versatile Engine DJ software with ultra-fast onboard song analysis, this allows you to import your existing DJ libraries from any major DJ software with the hot cues and other settings still in place.

Denon Prime 4+ Amazon

10-inch HD multi-touch display

A high-definition display acts as the main hub for your DJ system allowing you to interact with your music collection and see information. The display is a touchscreen, allowing you to easily interact with your tracks, view waveforms and DJ parameters. The tactile multi-gesture control allows you to interact with your music collection easier than ever before.

Denon Prime 4+ Touchscreen

Trigger pads, sweep FX and filtering

The DJ system also includes eight performance trigger pads as well as a sweep FX and filtering control. The trigger pads give you the ability to trigger one-shot samples, remix songs on the fly, beat juggle and even create hot cues. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to utilise rolls, slicing and advanced looping.

Denon Prime 4+ FX

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