Deal Of The Week: Buy Alesis Command & Surge Drum Kits & Get Accessories Free!

20th Mar 2018

Deal Of The Week: Buy Alesis Command & Surge Drum Kits & Get Accessories Free!

Buy The Brand New Alesis Surge & Command Mesh Electronic Drum Kits & Get Sticks, Stool, Headphones, Throne & Pedal Completely Free!

Alesis Command Mesh Kit

The Command Mesh Kit features all mesh-head pads that deliver an authentic drumming experience. This kit includes an 8"mesh kick with pedal, a 10" dual-zone mesh snare drum, and three 8" dual-zone mesh toms. The set also features a 10" ride cymbal with choke, a 10" crash with choke, and a 10" hi-hat with foot pedal.

The included Command Advanced Drum Module features 74 drum kits (54 preset, 20 user) with 671 sounds. You can build a custom kit from your own sounds by loading them via a USB thumb drive. Plus, with 60 play-along tracks and a built-in performance recorder, you'll have an endless source of fun and creativity. All of this mounts to a premium 4-post chrome rack with non-slip clamps, providing a durable foundation that is easy to set up and move.

Alesis Command Mesh Kit Drum Module

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit

The Surge Mesh Kit is a complete 8-piece electronic drum kit that includes everything a drummer needs to play like a pro. It features a 10” dual-zone mesh snare and three 8” dual-zone mesh tom pads for great feel and natural response, plus an 8” mesh kick tower pad with pedal.
Three cymbals provide a virtually unlimited range of playing expression: a ride cymbal, crash cymbal with choke function and hi-hat. Not only do the mesh heads deliver unmatched response and playability, the compact size means the Surge Kit goes where larger kits can’t.
Alesis Surge Mesh Kit Drum Module

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