D16 Sale on All Software Titles

22nd Jun 2021

D16 Sale on All Software Titles

Enjoy Up To 40% Off All D16 Software Titles In Their Summer Sale

You can save up to 40% on all software titles from D16 between the 21st June and 5th July 2021. That even includes their Total, Silverline and Classic Boxes bundles that give you a great range of plugins for an incredible price. If you’re after some new effects, virtual instruments, or maybe some software emulations of classic pieces of hardware, then check out the D16 software sale.

D16 Software Effects

D16 make a great lineup of software products, including virtual instruments and classic analogue-style effects. Their Syntorus is an old-school chorus effect, not too dissimilar to the chorus found on the Juno or Solina synths, and gives whichever instrument it’s applied to a lovely, deep, rich timbre. It’s one of those effects that you’ll find yourself coming back to constantly, and during this sale period, it’s only £29. If you want to add some vintage valve-style distortion for that classic, timeless sound, then the Redoptor 2 will see you right - again, get it for just £29.

D16 Redoptor 2

D16 Software Instruments

As well as effects, D16 make some great synth plugins too. Their LuSH-101 combines a number of modules found on various popular virtual synths and puts it into an intuitive layout making it incredibly versatile, and easy to use. The D16 Group also do amazing emulations of classic hardware units like the Roland TR-808 and TB-303 - if that’s your bag, then check out the Classic Boxes Bundle which gives you a selection of these for just £149, during the sale. 

D16 Classic Boxes Bundle

The D16 software sale runs from 21st June until 5th July 2021.