Circuit Rhythm Sample Expansion Pack

25th Nov 2021

Circuit Rhythm Sample Expansion Pack

Novation Release Brand New, Free Circuit Rhythm Expansion Pack Containing Over 550 Sounds

The Novation Circuit Rhythm is a compact and versatile sampler - what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in features and functionality. Whether you’re recording samples directly from the source - vinyl, CD etc and chopping them into sounds to trigger on the fly, or you’re programming beats, the Novation Circuit Rhythm is great for producers and beat makers who want to get hands-on - there’s even a built-in battery so you can get creative anywhere. Plus, now you can get even more creative with the free Circuit Rhythm Expansion Pack.

What Is The Novation Rhythm Expansion Pack?

The Novation Rhythm Expansion Pack contains six sound packs covering a variety of styles and genres, plus they’re all royalty-free, so you can use as many of them as you want in your music without having to worry about the legalities of releasing it. If you ever get stuck creatively, then diving into a sound pack like this can help spark an idea that otherwise might never have occurred and, with the range that this pack covers, there’s plenty to go at!

Novation Circuit Rhythm

What’s Included In The Pack?

There are over 550 sounds, split into six packs, plus it’s free! Simply head to Components and import the new soundpacks direct to your Circuit Rhythm. Here are the six packs:

  • Coastline Bliss - Drift away to a golden coastal sunset with these grainy vinyl samples and tight beats. 
  • Trap Hop - Build big tracks using dark hip-hop influences with warped sound-design and tight trap beats. 
  • East Coast Soul - An effortless set of electric pianos, vibrant chord progressions and shimmering digital leads paints a sunset drenched soundscape.
  • Wonky Hip Hop - A chilled collection of intimate guitars, tight hip-hop beats, and smooth bass lines. 
  • Neo Soul - Laid-back beats and stunning top lines make for a rich set of organic neo-soul instrumentation.
  • Daybreak Trap - A bass-heavy pack that blends chill guitar melodies with deep sub basses and tight trap beats for a serene yet driving sound.