Flash Sale on Cerwin Vega P-Series PA Speakers Plus More Deals

11th Jun 2019

Flash Sale on Cerwin Vega P-Series PA Speakers Plus More Deals

We have a huge selection of Cerwin Vega PA Speakers, Mixers & accessories at exclusive sale prices saving you up to 30% off premium PA equipment!

Can a loudspeaker actually heighten your sense of creativity and accomplishment? Can high-performance sound and outstanding value exist together? Will your next speakers have a real titanium compression driver and the advantage of a real plywood enclosure? Will your next speakers look, sound and feel as good a year from now as they did the day you bought them? They will with Cerwin-Vega.

Cerwin Vega P-Series Active Speakers

The Cerwin-Vega P-Series is a line of powerful, portable speaker systems with legendary Cerwin-Vega performance and winner of the most innovative products award. The P-Series combines rugged construction, extreme clarity and unmatched bass performance in an easy to use and versatile package. The P-Series family includes three active speaker products: the P1000X and P1500X full-range speakers and the P1800SX subwoofer. All are suited for any sound reinforcement application, from live performances to DJ gigs, as well as public speaking engagements.

Cerwin Vega CVM Mixing Desks

The Cerwin-Vega CVM line of professional audio mixers are designed for live performance and recording applications. Built using premium-grade components that deliver precision audio performance, the mixers feature commercial-grade metal housing for reliability and longevity. The mixers' clear markings and color-coordinated knobs also allow for intuitive operation, including fast adjustment and easy operation in low-light situations. The 12 and 16 channel versions also include digital sound effects processing and USB input/output for laptop computer playback and recording.

Cerwin Vega CVA Series Active Speakers

If you make your living as DJ, performing artist, or production company, this system is for you. If you are tired of compromising performance, particularly great bottom end output for portability, Cerwin-Vega! Active Series is what you've been waiting for. The Active Series is a system approach to live sound, building on our proud legacy as the dominant force in low-frequency sound reproduction. By combining matching speaker, enclosure and amplification technology into one package, our engineers have maximized the overall acoustic performance of each component, while minimizing set-up complexity.

Cerwin Vega Passive PA Speakers