Buy a DTX10K & Get a FREE STAGEPAS 100!

11th Sep 2023

Buy a DTX10K & Get a FREE STAGEPAS 100!

From now until December 31st: Buy a DTX10K Electronic Drum kit & Get a FREE STAGEPAS 100!

Yamaha DTX10 combine genuine drum feeling with first class studio sound. Yamaha further refines the faithful reproduction of a real acoustic drum kit's sound and feel,with its DTX10 and e-drums.

1. Purchase a Yamaha DTX10K Electronic Drum Kit from us at Music Matter before the 31st December 2023.
2. Upon delivery of said drum kit please get in contact with ourselves with proof of order & successful confirmation of delivery within 14 days & we will then send the Stagepas 100 out after the fact.
3. Await further delivery of Stagepas 100.

*please note - if we are out of stock we will need to order in which may take longer.

DTX10 - Create, Inspire, Connect

The DTX10 series is the flagship of the DTX lineup, combining the functionality of electronic drums with the sheer beauty of their acoustic counterparts.

Featuring real drum sounds and real room ambience recorded in world renowned studios, playability that allows you to create sounds intuitively, inspiring feel and expressiveness, and the true beauty of real birch shells with the same finishes used on acoustic drums, the DTX10 series was born from the technology and sensibilities that Yamaha has cultivated over its many years of crafting drums.

Yamaha DTX10K Lifestyle

Stagepas 100 - Compact design. Big sound.

Far more than just a speaker that amplifies your mic or instrument inputs, the diminutive STAGEPAS 100 delivers impressive sonic performance by leveraging some of the same technologies used in our high-end professional products. A powerful, high-quality coaxial compression driver combined with Yamaha’s FIR-X filters for the HF and LF crossover deliver sound pressure, precise phase response, and a natural dispersion that will ensure every nuance of your performance is conveyed loud and clear to your audience.