Free U-he Soft Synth with Bitwig

30th Sep 2021

Free U-he Soft Synth with Bitwig

Free U-he Soft Synth with Bitwig

For a very limited time: buy Bitwig Studio, get a plug-in from u-he for free. Get started with an award-winning DAW, and choose between Repro or Hive 2 from legendary plug-in maker u-he.

Here's how it works:
After purchasing a license, the Bitwig customer simply needs to register it in their account. When you do so Bitwig send out an e-mail asking which of the two plug-ins they would like to receive. You make the choice, respond to us and Bitiwg give you the code for the plug-in of your choice

Repro (Worth £129)

Comprised of two synths together in one plug-in, there's a new world of sounds to explore with Repro. Repro-1 is an extremely faithful recreation of an iconic monophonic keyboard, utilising component-level modelling to recreate the sound and character in immense detail.

U-he Repro

Hive 2 (Worth £129)

Streamlined and fully featured, Hive 2 lets you delve into the depths of sound design with ease. Sparing no expense, Hive 2 gives you a recordable shape sequencer and 12-slot matrix with modulatable effect parameters to explore new tonal horizons. Achieve the sound that's in your head without being held back by difficult to navigate menus, tedious tweaking and instead jump straight into world-class sounds. Hive 2 is the ultimate solution for modern producers looking for a workhorse synthesizer that can replace the function of several others all in one intuitive and great sounding plug-in.

U-he Hive 2