Bitwig Studio 4 Announced

20th Jul 2021

Bitwig Studio 4 Announced

Bitwig 4 Released With New Comping And Operators Features, Plus Over 100 Anti-Loops

The highly anticipated Bitwig Studio 4 is out now, and it comes with a bunch of new features that will please producers, performers and sound designers. Bitwig 4 is a fully functional DAW and has now been equipped with comping for creating the best takes, as well as the new Operators feature for completely unique sequencing patterns, and Anti-Loops - a collection of loops that don’t loop (!) created by some of the biggest names in the game.


Comping has been added to Bitwig Studio 4, in both the Clip Launcher and the Arranger. This is an incredibly useful tool as it allows you to record multiple takes of the same part and then go in after and select the best parts of each take, resulting in a better recording. Each take even has its own colour, so when you’re comping in Bitwig 4, it’s instantly easy to see which part you’re editing. 


There’s the new Operators feature as well which essentially gives you beats and loops that change slightly each time, resulting in patterns that you’d probably never create yourself. Operators changes how and when notes are triggered and can be controlled by programming them, or by doing it live. Within Operators there are four modes - chance, repeats, occurrence and recurrence, all off which can be used at the same time, or independently to create an almost infinite number of variations on your loop.


Utilising the above two new features, Bitwig 4 comes with over 100 Anti-Loops. These are loops, that aren’t actually loops - they vary slightly each time, which can really help keep a listener’s attention. Instead of the same thing being played over and over again, you can have something similar being played on a loop, but the rhythm or the notes may vary slightly each time. These Anti-Loops have been made by some expert sound engineers like Cristian Vogel, Pat Cupo and Polarity and make for some great foundations on which to build your own track.