The Best Affordable Electronic Drum Kits Of 2018

22nd Sep 2018

The Best Affordable Electronic Drum Kits Of 2018

Here At Music Matter We Countdown & Compare The Best & Most Affordable Electronic Drum Kits On The Market In 2018 Featuring Alesis, Roland & Yamaha, Perfect For Beginner, Intermediate Or Expert Drummers.

Thinking of getting your very first electronic drum set, upgrading your kit or switching from an acoustic kit? Well will list & compare the best & most affordable kits on the market during 2018 to make your decision a little easier.

Since the late 2000s electronic drum kits have improved drastically in terms of technology, aesthetics, quality & affordability making these electronic drums a serious contnder & bringing them closer to the playing experience of an acoustic kit, bringing them ever closer to the experience of playing an acoustic drum set. For the beginner drummer an elelectronic kit can be a perfect start - they can play as loud as they can without disturbing the neighbours, it can be a great alternative for professional drummers also who may require a specfic job that needs doing in a studio or rehearsal that an acoustic kit won't be able to do.

If you are a beginner looking for that starter electronic drum set you should be looking a standard 5-piece kit with an added 3 cymbals (snare, kick, 3 x toms, hi-hat, crash and ride). The pads on a starter kit would usually consist of rubber but some do have a mesh snare and / or mesh toms. The module will usually consist of basic kit presets, sounds & training facilities.

When you get more experience behind you & feel as though you need to upgrade & expand your drum kits then there are always ways to obtain more durable hardware, an improved library & quality of sounds, more funactionality when it comes to sound editing , importing your own samples also becomes a must & more realistic feeling pads such as mesh.

Bearing that in mind here's our Best Affordable Electronic Drum Kits 2018:

Main Features of Electronic Drum Kit:

1. Yamaha DTX452K Electronic Drum Kit

The moment you play the DT X is the moment you become a drummer. Let it be your inspiration and give instant expression to your impulses and creativity. DTX402 is the culmination of the commitment Yamaha makes as a drum manufacturer with excellent design and sound quality.

Act on your motivation and unleash your boundless talent! The training function together with the dedicated free app makes practicing more enjoyable and provides musical training, allowing you to immerse yourself in the limitless excitement of drumming.

Yamaha knows everything there is to know about drums. That’s how they were able to produce a compact design without compromising the essence of the drum. You can adjust the position and angles of the cymbals, snare, and tom as you wish, and perform in the correct posture. The DTX is equipped with the Yamaha foot pedal, a favorite among professional drummers, and faithfully recreates the sound variations of a drum, including the cymbal choke and rim shot. The heights of the various components can also be modified for easy use by anyone, even small children.

Music Matter Recommends:

Yamaha DTX402K Series electronic drum kit are hot off the press only being released a few months back, they have a made big improvement on the original 400K series with the quality of sounds included, more training experiences & connectivity with your phone.

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2. Roland TD-1DMK Electronic Drum Kit

An electronic drum kit is the easiest and least anti-social way to get into drumming, but typically entry level electronic kits are fitted with rubber drum pads which feel nothing like a ‘real’ drum kit.

Roland have set out to change this by equipping the TD-1DMK with the same twin-ply mesh drum heads as their flagship professional quality drum kits. Mesh drum heads offer a playing feel and response which is as close to an acoustic drum as possible. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for a kit to use at home, or a beginner looking to get the best start to your playing, the Roland TD-1DMK won’t hold you back from developing your drumming.

Music Matter Recommends:

One of the issues for beginner drummers with Roland was the layout of the TD-1K & KV with it's single rack bar & universally different pads configuration, with the TD-1DMK you have an entry level Roland kit with that classic configuration. Not only that but the TD-1DMK comes with twin ply-mesh drum heads.

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3. Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

At Alesis Drums they know perfect feel and natural-response is a must have for an immersive, expressive drumming experience.

Introducing the Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit, the latest addition to their critically acclaimed all-mesh kit roster that delivers the most realistic playing experience modern drummers demand. Mesh heads are the undisputed preference of modern drummers seeking electronic kits, providing an uncompromising natural feel and ultra-quiet response.

The Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit features an 8" dual-zone mesh snare drum and (3) 8" mesh toms, alongside everything else you need to make a complete drum kit; (3) 10" cymbals, custom-designed Alesis hi-hat pedal and kick pedal, and a durable 4-post aluminium rack. At the heart of the Nitro Mesh Kit is the powerful Nitro Drum Module loaded with hundreds of in-demand percussion sounds, 40 different kits and 60 built-in play-along tracks - whatever sound you need, we guarantee this module delivers! Don't settle for second best, discover the new standard in electronic drums with Alesis Drums.

Music Matter Recommends:

The big winner for the Nitro Mesh Kit is the the quality of the hardware & the pads for the price, it's hands down the best value for money with the Mesh style pads & a great sounding Module.

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 TD-1KVDTX452KDM LiteTD-1DMKNitro Mesh
Module TD-1 DTX402 DM Lite TD-1 Nitro
Drum Kits 15 10 10


Training Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recorder Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drum Pads 7 8 7 8 8
Snare PDX-8 (Mesh) Rubber Rubber PDX-8 (Mesh) Dual-Zone Mesh
Toms Rubber Rubber Rubber Mesh Mesh

Cymbals Crash, Hi-Hat, Ride Crash, Hi-Hat, Ride Crash, Hi-Hat, Ride Crash, Hi-Hat, Ride Crash, Hi-Hat, Ride
Hi-Hat Pedal Included Included Included Included Incuded
Kick Pedal Included Included, Chaindrive Included Included Included, Chaindrive
Rack Integral Steel Rack Steel Rack MDS-TDKP2 Aluminium
Computer Connectivity USB USB  USB / MIDI USB USB / MIDI

V-Drums Jam

Training via Mobile App - Melodics  

Great Alternative Electronic Drum Kits: