20% Off Aston Swiftshield Using Our Exclusive Discount Code!

2nd Aug 2018

20% Off Aston Swiftshield Using Our Exclusive Discount Code!

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Aston Swiftshield Discount Code

About Aston Swiftshield

Swift Universal Shock Mount

The Aston Microphones Premium Universal Shock Mount is a studio-grade microphone mount designed for accommodating condenser, tube and other professional microphones. The universal design fits any microphone with a diameter measuring between 40-60mm. The innovative design utilises custom ShockStar technology for ultimate mechanical isolation, ensuring any structure borne noise and unwanted vibrations are eliminated. This ensures optimal audio fidelity and clearer vocal recordings, ensuring the purest signal integrity possible. The versatile design boasts no rubber bands, instead opting for the ShockStar suspensions system, which provides high levels of elasticity for maximum effectiveness.

Shield GN Pop Filter

The Aston Microphones Shield GN Pop Filter is a premium-grade pop filter, utilising innovative HexTech technology filtering technology. The combination of revolutionary design aspects, provides you with optimal protection from sibilance and plosive noises. This results in a clearer vocal recording, ensuring optimal audio fidelity and performance from your microphone. The innovative design features precisely acid etched hexagonal filter holes providing exceptional acoustic performance. It is engineered to provide a perfect fit on any microphone stand, with a high-quality gooseneck for finding the perfect position for your filtering needs.
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Aston Swiftshield Components

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