ASM Hydrasynth Explorer & Deluxe Synthesizers

15th Feb 2022

ASM Hydrasynth Explorer & Deluxe Synthesizers

ASM Announce Two New Hydrasynth Models - The Hydrasynth Deluxe And The Hydrasynth Explorer

The Hydrasynth is a powerful synthesiser that’s just as well suited to live performance as it is to studio use, featuring an advanced wavetable synthesis engine, 3 oscillators, dual wave mutators and two filters. Now, there are two new versions of it - the 37-key, portable Hydrasynth Explorer and the 16-voice Hydrasynth Deluxe, to sit alongside the already well-received Keyboard and Desktop models.

Powerful Modulation Matrix

The Hydrasynth features a modulation matrix with 29 modulation sources and 155 modulation destinations, so you’ll never be short of ways to create unique sounds - even the effects and arpeggiator can be modulation destinations. The new Hydrasynth Explorer and Deluxe models will both cater for a range of different players in different scenarios, whilst keeping everything that makes this series of synth so good. 

Hydrasynth Deluxe

  • 76-Note ASM Polytouch Keyboard
  • This model has 16-Voices, which us double that of any previous model
  • Dual sound engines with dedicated audio I/O
  • Deep, complex & inspiring synthesis capabilities
  • Effortlessly build unique layers, splits & stacks
  • Ships with handy accessory tray

Hydrasynth Explorer

  • 37-Note Mini Key Polytouch Keyboard - more compact than other models
  • 8-voices, like the previous models
  • Same sound engine as Desktop & Keyboard
  • Rich, unique and impressive synthesis capabilities
  • Optional battery power allows you to play on the go