Free Flight Case With Every Arturia Matrixbrute Analogue Synth

15th Jul 2021

Free Flight Case With Every Arturia Matrixbrute Analogue Synth

While Stocks Last: Get A Free Touring Flight Case With Every Arturia Matrixbrute Analogue Monophonic Synthesizer.

Arturia MatrixBrute has been hitting the road accompanying electronic music legends Orbital on their recent World tour. As one of the most powerful and deep analogue synthesizers available today, a synth to last a lifetime deserves protecting - so Arturia are pleased to announce a MatrixBrute flightcase, shipped with new MatrixBrute, while stocks last.

MatrixBrute is an analog synthesizer that redefines a class of performance and studio synths that has not been matched since the glory days of the 70’s and 80’s.

Designed to be flexible and fun to use, evocative and awe inspiring, and most importantly, a world-class musical instrument; the MatrixBrute gives you the depth you need to design and keep inspired for years to come.

The goal was to create a synthesizer with the flexibility of a modular but at the same time have it be intuitive and programmable for the live and studio musician. 1:1 knob and button interface for ease of use; pure analog sound with the fattest oscillator in the industry; two filters based on the original designs of Dr. Bob and Nyle Steiner, but taken to new levels; real analog delay effects on the output and the eye catching matrix modulation. All these features and more add up to create a landmark electronic music platform.


Sound Beyond The Power

Offering a audiosignal path that is is 100% analog, MatrixBrute also features true analog effects. The MatrixBrute gives you the sonic quality and power of a vast modular synthesizer but with the flexibility of presets along with a great arpeggiator and an advanced sequencer.

MatrixBrute is a truly empowering instrument!! It offers tons of connections so you can work in any set-up. It brings a quality keybed and a solid chassis.

No endless menus or screens to navigate or multi-function buttons to remember. Forget about connectivity issues. This is you in control. This is you inventing sounds. This is analog avant- garde.

Arturia Matrixbrute Analog Synthesizer Back

Hands-On Heaven

Forget about tiny LCD screens, being lost in menus and sub-menus, and trying to remember double functions and complex procedures. MatrixBrute brings back the fun and the immediate hands-on experience of synthesis.

When you want things to shake, grab the Sub Osc slider and bring it on. When you want it to sizzle, grab the filter knob and open it up. And when it’s time to unleash the beast, grab the Brute Factor™ knob and turn it loose! It’s that easy.

Arturia Matrixbrute Explained

Alexandre Desplat Using Matrixbrute On The Valerian Sountrack

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