Arturia Announce Next Generation Audiofuse Interfaces

25th Jan 2019

Arturia Announce Next Generation Audiofuse Interfaces

Arturia have released next Generation audio interfaces, Audiofuse 8 Pre & Audiofuse Studio-Ultra High-Fidelity Audio Interfaces with exclusive software.

Featuring four powerful preamps. The AudioFuse Studio refuses to compromise on quality - perfect for recording guitars, singers and even drums when utilising special drum techniques. In addition to the four mic inputs, there are also four line inputs. That's enough room to input as many instruments as you'd need in a compact, desktop recording tool.

The 24-bit latest generation AD/DA converters at up to 192kHz sampling rate meaning that the Studio offers up professional standard recording quality. The ultralow buzz and latency interface means from recording to mix to playback, your music will sound full of clarity.

Portability Perfected

The tough metal chassis means that the Audiofuse Studio can withstand being taken out on the road for on-location recording. If you need to record in a specific space, just pack your microphones, computer, and Audiofuse Studio and get ready to record. The Studio packs in a huge array of features all into a tiny space. It's tough, it's portable, and can go with you anywhere you need it to.

Arturia Audiofuse Studio Desktop

Huge Connectivity Options

The Audiofuse has a glut of connectivity options available. Not only are you offered incredibly clear recording thanks to the microphone and line inputs, but the Audiofuse has many other inputs and outputs to help it work in any situation. There's MIDI inputs and outputs, USB-C, S/PDIF, as well as super high fidelity Bluetooth audio reception. Expand your recording system too, there is ADAT connections to allow up to eight more inputs and eight more outputs.

Arturia Audiofuse Studio Interface

AudioFuse Creative Suite

Shipped with the Audiofuse Studio, the powerful Creative Suite software gives you access to software versions of classic consoles, effects, and synths. Use the software preamps to bring colour and flavour to your DiscretePRO inputs. Add the powerful mini ladder filter to add bite to your signal. You can create new soundscapes with the award-winning V Collection, 600+ synth sounds for you to craft music with. The Creative Suite helps unlock your creativity with its wide library of sounds and effects.

Arturia Audiofuse Studio Lifestyle

Arturia Audiofuse Interfaces

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