Alesis Harmony Portable Keyboards with Built-in Speakers

9th Feb 2021

Alesis Harmony Portable Keyboards with Built-in Speakers

Alesis Introduce Portable Harmony Keyboard Models Featuring Built-In Speakers, A Massive Range Of Sounds And Microphone Input For An All-In-One Music Workstation For Beginners.

Alesis have released a trio of keyboards designed for beginners and musicians that want a wide range of high-quality sounds whilst they’re on the move. There are three models - a 32-key, 54-key and 61-key version, all with built-in speakers. Both the Harmony 54 and 61 MKii even come with a microphone, making them great tools for songwriters and singers. 

Alesis Harmony Portable Keyboards For Beginners

Built-In Sounds & Rhythms

All three models have 300 different sounds built in; from regular piano sounds to orchestral instruments, to guitars, synths, sound effects and much more. Whenever inspiration strikes, you’ve got all the sounds you could ever want to work with! Every Alesis Harmony keyboard also has 300 rhythms on board which are great to play along with - not just for fun, but also to improve timing. On top of this, there are 40 demo songs built in - playing along with these can help beginners learn about melody, chords and aid with ear training. 

Alesis Harmony Portable Keyboards Headphones

Other Features

The Alesis Melody portable keyboards are all equipped with headphone outputs to allow for silent practice. The Melody 54 and 61MKii also feature a microphone input so you can sing along whilst you play (a microphone is even included in the price). The upper two models also allow for layering and split modes, so you can have two sounds available at your fingertips at once. The Alesis Harmony 32 can be powered with batteries (or USB) so you can play absolutely anywhere! Power for the 54 and 61-key models comes from the included power supply. 

Alesis Harmony Portable Keyboards Microphone

Free Online Lessons

If you buy any one of the Alesis Harmony portable keyboards, then you also get 3 months of Skoove Premium; an online platform that allows you to learn how to play the piano, at your own pace. There’s a wide catalogue of music on there - from classical to pop, so you can learn the style of music you want to. As well as this, you also get 2 months of TakeLessons Live - America’s largest lessons company. This allows you participate in live classes giving you a great learning experience. These two online learning portals are great for beginners that want to learn to play the piano, and these memberships are absolutely free with the Alesis Harmony keyboards!

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