Akai Release Retro Version Of The MPC One

12th May 2021

Akai Release Retro Version Of The MPC One

Akai Release The Old-School, 80/90s Inspired MPC One Retro Standalone Music Production Centre

The Akai MPC One Retro is a standalone music production centre, designed for both studio and live use. It’s an incredible tool for sketching down ideas, working on songs and getting them radio-ready. Its intuitive layout and touch sensitive pads also make it great for performing live. The MPC One has been out for over a year now and has proved itself popular with a range of different musicians and producers, and now, it’s available in a limited edition retro casing, reminiscent of the iconic MPC 60, 2000 and 3000 units.

Standalone Music Production Centre

So the Akai MPC One is a standalone unit - you don’t need to use a computer alongside it; everything can be done within the MPC One itself. Of course, you can record external instruments and hook up a MIDI keyboard if you wish, but there’s plenty inside the One to make some great sounding tracks with. The MPC One Retro features 16 velocity-sensitive pads that are perfect for playing in beats and basslines. The MPC drum machine sound is classic, and the One Retro gives you access to all of those timeless kicks, snares, hats etc as well as the ability to play them in with expression, thanks to the pads. It’s also got a 7 inch high-res touch screen (which can be used for a range of purposes, including as a real-time filter effect), four touch-sensitive Q-Link knobs, a large rotary encoder knob which makes navigation easy and a full-size SD card slot. There’s a bunch of ins and outs too which makes linking up to external studio gear really easy.

Akai MPC One Retro Back

The MPC One Retro features the same powerful multicore system seen in the MPC Live and MPC X. There’s 2GB RAM and 4GB of storage on board, as well as a USB slot for an external drive. This new incarnation of the MPC One also features 8 new synth engines that power 9 DrumSynth plugins, giving you an even wider range of incredible sounds.

Akai MPC One Retro

MPC Software

The Akai MPC One Retro comes shipped with MPC Software 2 - a powerful production suite that allows you to record in both standalone and controller modes; so with and without a computer. It gives you 128 track sequencing, clip-launch functionality, MIDI editing capability, time stretching and loads more. The MPC One Retro also has Splice integration embedded into it (as well as a three month trial for new Splice customers), so you can easily access your library of samples and loops. On top of all of this, the MPC One Retro comes with its own library of drum samples and loops, synth engines and studio quality effects allowing you to create whatever music you want, straight out of the box.