Akai Professional Present The MPK Road 88 MIDI Keyboard Controller

25th Jan 2019

Akai Professional Present The MPK Road 88 MIDI Keyboard Controller

Introducing the MPK Road 88, a keyboard controller with Akai Professional’s exclusive Model-A premium 88- key velocity-sensitive keybed

Meticulously designed with Akai’s Professional’s exclusive Model-A premium, velocity-sensitive keybed. The MPK Road 88 is carefully engineered with the aftertouch feature - a technology that allows you to play with dynamic expression. The Road 88 comes equipped with a 4-output USB soundcard, MIDI in/out connectors and three variable pedal input. Perfect for live performances! What’s more, it’s tough road-ready travel case is carefully made with the carrying handles for easy transport.

Model-A Velocity-Sensitive Keyboard

Akai know that the touch and feel of your keyboard is everything! That’s why they have created a distinction between the ordinary and extraordinary keyboard! Akai Professional has spent years of intense engineering research and development to create this Model-A keybed. And the evidence is clear! This hammer-action, velocity-sensitive key-bed delivers an incredibly natural and responsive feel, absolutely unmatched by any instrument anywhere near its price. Now be sure to enjoy the portability, without compromising the quality of the MPK 88.

Akai MPK Road Angle

Explore a Range of Virtual Instruments

The Road 88 offers an incredible range of sounds to support your studio music production and live performances. With a countless choice of sounds and effects, you can bring your music to life! With MPK Road 88’s integrated class-compliant 4-output soundcard and superior player-centric response, you can easily route your virtual instruments to mixers and monitoring sources simultaneously for a truly hassle-free setup. This keyboard enables you to manage and employ your VI collection to maximum effect, with a keybed designed for optimum expressive capability.

Akai MPK Road 88 Top

Easy Connectivity, Creative Expression

With the road 88, you can easily connect your keyboard to a range of external devices, all thanks to Akai Professional. Fully equipped with the dual expression pedal inputs, sustain pedal input, 5-pin MIDI-In and MIDI-Out ports and the industry standard USB port. The Road 88 allows you to connect to any outboard gear. Perfectly suited to take on any stage!


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