Access To Premium Sound Content Worth £600 With The Akai MPC X

22nd Jan 2019

Access To Premium Sound Content Worth £600 With The Akai MPC X


Hot on the heels of the announcement of MPC 2.3, Akai are pleased to present a limited-time promotion for our flagship standalone music production centre, MPC X. From 14.1.19 through to 14.4.19 new and existing users of MPC X will receive a genre-spanning collection of premium, in-demand sound content from the existing MPC Expansion collection and the all-new MPC Expansions Exchange, worth in excess of £600.

From hard-hitting drums to sultry melodic lines and everything in between, this collection from leading sound designers builds on the existing critically acclaimed stock library, providing producers of all walks with the ultimate in must-have sound content for immediate creative inspiration.


In this product overview video, we take a look at the hardware features of the new MPC X. Engineered with an unprecedented combination of hardware and software functionality, the X is the most powerful standalone music production tool to date.

Akai MPC X Excellence


Control external analogue synth gear using the 8 built-in CV ports. These ports can be configured to send pitch, velocity, and gate CV to analogue synths, drum machines, etc. Automate knob movements, notes, gates and play it all back in time with the MPC. This makes the X one of the best modular sequencers available.

Akai MPC X Modular


Control every parameter using the 16 fully assignable, touch-capactive Q-Link knobs. With a dedicated OLED display above each 360 (degree symbol) knob, you can easily see what parameter you’re tweaking and the current assigned value. The Q-Links are great for adding expressiveness to your tracks thru recording automation.

Akai MPC X Touch Play


The MPC has a well-earned reputation for sounds that hit hard and sound great, right out of the box. The MPC X comes pre-installed with The Vault 2.0, 10GB of radio-ready sounds from the world’s top sound design companies as well as our own signature samples.

Akai MPC X Sounds

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