Akai Launch MPC Live & X Standalone DAW Hardware Range

17th Jul 2017

Akai Launch MPC Live & X Standalone DAW Hardware Range
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2 Standalone DAW Production Controllers To Choose From

Portable Powerhouse

Unrivaled combination of power & portability — bringing the studio to the stage

Standalone MPC — no computer required | 7” high-resolution multi-touch display | Internal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery Phono, instrument, mic and line inputs | 2 pairs of MIDI Inputs and Outputs | 16GB of on-board storage (over 10 gigs of sound content included) 2GB of RAM | Full-size SD card slot | User-expandable 2.5” SATA drive connector (SSD or HDD) |2 USB-A 3.0 slots for thumb drives or MIDI controllers

Akai MPC Live Top


The concept is simple. We get some of the best producers and musicians across different genres to make an original track from scratch using only the new MPCs - no computers allowed. Now it’s your turn. Take the #standalonechallenge and share your creations online. We'll repost the best tracks on our social channels.


Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the MPC Live can run up to 6 hours without plugging into a power source. Whether on a plane, at the coffeeshop or in the park, professional music production power is no longer limited to the studio.

Akai Unplug & Play
Akai Unplug & Play


With 2 USB 3.0 slots on the rear panel, your MIDI controller can be plugged directly into MPC Live for playing built-in instruments. Want to use your favorite samples on a track? Plug in an external drive and create kits out of your own library.


The MPC has a well-earned reputation for sounds that hit hard and sound great, right out of the box. The MPC Live comes pre-installed with 10GB of radio-ready sounds from the world’s top sound design companies as well as our own signature sounds.

Akai Sounds For Days


Short, sweet and straight-to-the-point, the MPC Lounge series focuses on specific production techniques using the MPC Live and MPC Software 2.0.

Akai MPC Software 2.0

Latest version of the acclaimed composition software features audio track recording, real-time audio warping, Audio and MIDI drag-and-drop, along with enhanced Q-Link™ control.

Akai MPC Software

New graphical interface | Audio track recording | Real-time time-stretching and pitch-shifting | Clip Program mode for clip-launching workflow Reimagined mixer layout — resizable faders, an adaptive channel strip, a dedicated audio track | Editing window, resizable waveform view Advanced signal routing capability — submixes, FX returns, multi-output plugin support | More efficient and streamlined MPC workflow Audio and MIDI drag and drop | Enhanced QLink control

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