Akai MPC 2.10 Major Update

11th Aug 2021

Akai MPC 2.10 Major Update

Akai Announce Massive MPC 2.10 Feature Update

Akai recently announced an update to their MPC software, and it’s a big one! The MPC 2.10 features update includes a bunch of improvements that help pack even more value into these amazing standalone music production solutions and software - from new effects and virtual instruments, to improved drum sounds and functionality, plus sample key detection.

AIR Effects & Vocal Suite

You can now get professional level vocal sounds by using the AIR Vocal Insert Effects Suite. This contains a bunch of effects that are used a lot in modern pop, rap and hip-hop music, like vocal doubling, vocal tuning and harmonising effects. The new MPC update also includes other AIR effects that you can use on a wide variety of instruments and samples, such as Stutter and Granulator. AIR make some incredible software products, so it’s great that more of these have been included in the MPC 2.10 update.

MPC AIR Vocal Suite

More Instruments

Four more virtual instruments have been added too, giving you an even larger collection of tools with which you can create your music, all within your MPC unit. The instruments are AIR’s Solina (a classic string synth), Mellotron and Hype, which is a powerful software synth. Then you’ve got WayOutWare Odyssey which is an analogue duophonic synth with added extensive control.

Drum Updates & Interface Support

The new MPC 2.10 update sees some improvements made to the MPC Drum Program and Keygroup engines. You can add a natural decay to samples now, so that they don’t cut off suddenly, plus there’s a Portemento feature in Keygroup Programs so you can achieve smoother note and drum glides. Add to this 23 plugins within the Drum Programs too.

MPC Update Interface

You can now also use your MPC alongside a class compliant USB audio interface for increased input and output options. For those with external outboard hardware, you can send signals from your MPC to that for analogue processing, or you can record more signals at once going into the MPC (like drums, for sampling).