New Lower Price on the Akai Force Music Production & DJ System

17th Dec 2019

New Lower Price on the Akai Force Music Production & DJ System

The Force Standalone music production/DJ performance device that has clip launching, step sequencing, sampling & more has is now at an extraordinarily low price, take advantage today!

Redefine your expectations. Force blurs the lines between contemporary music production solutions and next-generation DJ performance technology, setting the precedence for a new industry standard. Fusing clip-launching, step sequencing, sampling, synth engines and tactile touch screen control into a standalone, performance-driven device, Force combines must-have modern functionality with an ultra-intuitive workflow that harnesses your creativity for maximum expressive capability.

Latest Firmware Update Includes Some Amazing New Features:

  • Step Automation - You can now input, edit and view automation in the Step Sequencer.  
  • Grid Automation - You can now input, edit and view automation in the Clip Event/Region editors.
  • Ableton Live Set Export - you can now export your Force project to an Ableton ALS project file.
  • Export all clips or export a single clip - you can now export the clips in your Force project to audio, MIDI or MPC Pattern files.
  • Matrix Mode enhancements - You can now copy, paste, create and delete clips from the Matrix mode. Press and hold on a Clip slot to bring up a drop-down menu of options.
  • Play scales from your external keyboard - Hold Shift and push Notes to bring up the Notes Config dialogue.
  • Workflow Enhancements -
    • In Sample Record mode, after recording a sample the Keep or Discard Sample popup now has f-keys to Save or Edit your sample.
    • Holding Shift illuminates METRONOME and LENGTH buttons if those things are switched on
    • Pressing Shift + tapping Metronome or Length (Fixed-Length) toggles the setting on/off.
    • Pressing Shift + holding the Metronome or Length button opens the settings for that item.
    • Arpeggiator now feels more responsive and operates with lower latency.
    • Launch/Note mode improvements. When your current track is a melodic track a long press of the Note button now opens the Note Mode selector to make it faster to switch between scale or chord layouts. On a Drum program, a long press of the Note button now opens the TC selector.  Whilst in Launch/Notes  Shift + Launch or Shift + Note brings up their config dialogue.
    • You can now use the Delete button to erase notes in realtime as a clip is playing. Play a clip that has MIDI events inside, push and hold the Delete button, now when you hold pads in Notes mode they will erase any corresponding events for the duration they are held. 
    • To make it easier to navigate your internal Akai/AIR Effects all effects are now split into well-named groups.
  • Stability and reliability Enhancements - 16 Level, Audio Device, Audio Tracks, Audio Edit, Automation, Channel Mixer, Grid Edit, File Browser, Installer, List Editor, MIDI Sync, Plugin Hosting Effects, Plugin Hosting – Instruments, Preferences, Program Edit, Program Edit - Plugin/MIDI, Program Edit – Clip, Program Edit – CV, Q-Links, Sample Edit, Sample Record, Saving and Loading, Song Mode, Step Sequence, Track Mute, Transport, Undo/Redo, and XYFX.

Akai Force: Play

The ultimate side-cart and a solo centrepiece in its own right, Force provides the pinnacle of liberated performance capability that roots your focus on delivering the ultimate performance, whatever your next set demands.

Seamlessly Import stems, loops and one-shots into Force’s 8x8 clip matrix and set playback modes including loop and trigger settings to remix and reimagine your tracks on the fly.

Akai Force Play

Akai Force: Perform

At the heart of Force is an intuitive clip-centric workflow that forms the creative core of your performance. Combine multiple Modes with Plugin Tracks, MPC-Style Drum tracks, Audio tracks, Keygroup tracks, MIDI tracks and CV tracks to define clip types, then sculpt clips via step sequencing, drum pad performances and note data.

Capture Audio from the dedicated combo inputs, load / sequence samples from Force’s browser or resample from another track.

Akai Force Perform

Akai Force: Produce

The ultimate creative sketchpad. Under the hood, Force provides musicians of all disciplines DAW-centric capability for an immersive, creative experience without limitation

Using Force’s sampler, capture audio from combo inputs or resample from within the Force project. Add up to four real-time insert effects while recording and assign captured audio immediately to Tracks and Programs all a truly effortless live workflow environment.

Akai Force Produce

Akai Force: Sounds

Out-the-box, Force comes preloaded with 10GB+ of must-have sounds from industry leading sample content providers including SampleTools by CR2, MSX Audio and Sample Magic. With 248 Kits, 16 Demo Projects, 2500+ Loops and 500+ patterns, Force’s core library provides immediate access to the most sought-after sounds to inspire your creativity from the get-go.

Akai Force Sounds

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