Akai Force 3.1 Major Update

22nd Oct 2021

Akai Force 3.1 Major Update

Big 3.1 Update For Akai Force Including Extra Instruments And Effects, Plus Better Performance

Akai Force is an incredibly powerful standalone production unit featuring a range of virtual instruments, clip-launching, linear arranger, step sequencing and loads more. Its horsepower has been stepped up even more with the new major 3.1 feature update.

New Instruments

The Akai Force 3.1 Update includes three new instruments - AIR Solina, AIR Mellotron and WayOutWare’s Odyssey. All three of these are authentic virtual replications of some classic synth and key instruments that have been used on a massive range of tracks over the years, spanning nearly every genre. Having these extra virtual instruments in your Akai Force arms you with a few extra handy tools.

Akai Force New Instruments

More Effects & AIR Vocal Suite

You also get a bunch of new plugin effects - Stutter, Half Speed, Granulator, Diffuser Delay, Stereo Delay, Diode Clipper, and AIR Limiter. These are great for mixing and mastering with, allowing you to add a slightly different flavour to any one of your tracks to help make them stand out a little more. The Force 3.1 update also now gives you the incredible AIR Vocal Suite which gives you the power to create fully polished, professional sounding vocals. You can add four part harmonies instantly, add beef and power to existing vocals and tweak the pitch slightly - or a lot, for a more dramatic effect!

Akai Force New Effects

Improvements have also been made to the workflow and hardware connectivity making it even more intuit and easy to use, plus the drum and key group engines are now even easier to use. Being a standalone unit, everything needs to be accessible and functional, and the 3.1 update makes the Akai Force even more so.

The Akai Force 3.1 update is free to download - just click the link below!