Adam S Series High-End Monitors

28th Jan 2022

Adam S Series High-End Monitors

High End, Accurate Monitoring With Adam Audio’s Flagship S Series Monitor Speakers

The S Series from Adam Audio represents the latest in monitor speaker technology, with a range of features that mean you can record and mix audio knowing that what you’re hearing is exactly what’s there. It’s made up of five models - the S2V, S3V, S3H, S5V and S5H. V means it has been designed for vertical use, and H means it’s to be used horizontally. 

Advanced Low, Mid & Top End Drivers

The Adam Audio S Series monitor speakers are not your regular, run of the mill monitors. There’s a lot of in-house R&D that has gone into these. New bass drivers have been designed, featuring a new low-mass but highly rigid honeycomb driver cone, a highly efficient, self-cooling linear magnet assembly, a low-loss speaker surround, linear suspension and damping systems, a vented symmetrical voice coil and a new driver chassis/basket. All this results in low end that doesn’t distort but can listened to at higher volumes for longer; they’re incredibly powerful yet incredibly faithful to what’s being played through them.

The mid-range drivers and HF tweeters have had a similarly detailed overhaul. The S Series delivers an incredibly detailed and crystal clear mid-range, with the driver offering benefits of both cone and dome styles with a new hybrid design. The flagship S5 models also feature custom-designed and milled waveguides on the mid-range drivers. The tweeters are an improved version of Adam Audio’s renowned accelerated ribbon design and feature better projection, imaging and dispersion.

Adam Audio S Series

The Adam Audio S Series delivers an exceptional listening experience. These are incredibly high-end monitor speakers that allow users to really hear what’s there in the mix, at any sort of volume for long periods of time, with no distortion. If you’re looking for professional monitors for a high-end studio or workspace, then these could well be them.